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The X Factor UK 2016 Results Shocker: Which 12 Acts Advanced To Live Shows?

The results are in from The X Factor UK 2016 Judges’ Houses, and some of the choices for live shows were surprising, while others were downright shocking. So which twelve acts made it through to the live shows?

I think it’s kind of strange that we ended up with two novelty acts in the competition, and several of the wildcards chosen after last week’s Six Chair Challenge making it through as well. I think this could potentially be the most mixed Top 12 we’ve ever had, in the sense that some of these choices are straight-up headscratchers. This is probably the first series of The X Factor where I’m not 100% sure who’s winning this thing, because even the frontrunner acts have their weaknesses. That said, I’m still excited for live shows and to see the Top 12 in action.

So which twelve acts advanced to the live shows? Get the full results below:

The X Factor UK 2016 Results Shocker: Which 12 Acts Advanced To Live Shows?

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Girls (Simon Cowell): Gifty Louise, Emily Middlemas, Samantha Lavery
Eliminated: Soheila Clifford, Olivia Garcia, Kayleigh Marie Morgan, Caitlyn Vanbeck

Boys (Nicole Scherzinger): Freddy Parker, Matt Terry, Ryan Lawrie
Eliminated: Christian Burrows, Nate Simpson, James Hughes, Niall Sexton

Over 25s (Sharon Osbourne): Saara Aalto, Honey G, Relley C
Eliminated: James Wilson, Christopher Peyton, Samantha Atkinson, Janet Grogan

Groups (Louis Walsh): 5 AM, Ottavio and Bradley, The Brooks
Eliminated: Four Of Diamonds, Tom and Laura, Skarl3t, Yes Lad

NOTE: The three group names have been changed to 5 After Midnight, Brattavio, and Brooks Way. I have no idea why they do this every year, but there you have it.

Honestly, this is kind of shaping up to be a disaster of a season. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Sharon isn’t the first judge knocked out of the competition. And she’ll deserve it for letting go of the acts she did. Seriously, pick any of the four she let go, and I think she’d have had a stronger category overall. I think Simon has the best category in terms of overall strength, but I don’t feel like he has the winner in his category either. If I had to guess, I’d say Matt Terry wins this thing for Nicole, although I still don’t know why she cut Christian Burrows, who was my pick to win the whole thing. I hope it wasn’t out of fear of vote-splitting, because I think even if she lost one of Matt or Christian, the other one would probably be propelled to the win through sheer momentum, James Arthur style.

I’m still amped for the live shows, to be fair. But I’m always stoked for The X Factor live shows. That’s nothing new. But I can say I’m far less excited for them now than I was at this same point last week, when this season seemed to be brimming with potential. It’s a shame, because this could have been an all-time great season. I suppose it still could be, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. Here’s hoping they pull a Monica Michael and bring somebody back, especially if public reaction turns on these choices.

But what do you think of the Top 12 for The X Factor UK 2016? Sound off in the comments!

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