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The X Factor UK 2015 Results: Winner Revealed In Live Finale (VIDEO)

This is it! The final show of The X Factor UK 2015 is here! Tonight, the winner is revealed after the final two perform one last time for your votes. The lines will open at the start of the show for fans to vote, and then each finalist will sing their Song of the Series and their winner’s single. The lines will then be closed, and we’ll find out who is the winner of The X Factorpo UK 2015!

On last night’s epic Top 3 show, we said goodbye to Che Chesterman, who finished the competition in third place. Judge Nick Grimshaw joined Simon Cowell as the second judge to be eliminated from the competition, which leaves it down to freshman judge Rita Ora and her remaining artist, Louisa Johnson, and veteran judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and her group, Reggie N Bollie. Louisa will perform “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown for her Song of the Series, while Reggie N Bollie will perform their mashup of “What Makes You Beautiful”/”Cheerleader” for their encore. But what will the winner’s singles be? And will Louisa ride her frontrunner status right through to victory, or will we see the biggest upset in X Factor history with a Reggie N Bollie victory? Who will win The X Factor UK 2015?

It’s a star-studded finale that will feature performances from One Direction, Coldplay, Adele, and your X Factor finalists! Videos will be coming soon below, so keep on refreshing. But for now, stick around as we recap the big happenings of the finale:

The X Factor UK 2015 Results Winner Revealed In Live Finale (VIDEO)

Let’s get this show on the road!


-Hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack enter to talk about what we can expect tonight, with guest performances from Coldplay, One Direction, and Adele, along with the reveal of the results, and the final performances from the finalists. We then get the judges entering to that awesome instrumental of “Live and Let Die”, which I don’t know that I’ll ever tire of hearing. Seriously, it’s neck-and-neck with “You Only Live Twice” for my favorite Bond song. We follow this up with voting information for each artist, since lines are now open. Looks like Louisa is getting the pimp spot, so let the conspiracy theories begin! Seriously, despite Simon saying he thinks they could win this show, I would imagine there are other producers behind the scenes who really don’t want Reggie N Bollie winning this thing, simply for what it would mean to the profile of what’s ostensibly a “singing show” (although I’ve long felt The X Factor has less to do with voices and more to do with finding stars. And by the qualification, Reggie and Bollie fit the bill, in my opinion).

We then get a recap of last night’s performances, with comments from the finalists. The backstage remarks mostly add up to the finalists being stoked about having made it to this point, but there are some noteworthy tidbits, such as Nick stating that, now that he’s a neutral judge, he wants Reggie N Bollie to win. However, Simon compares Louisa and Rita’s duet from last night was downright stunning, and one of the best he’s ever seen.


-The finalists are back to perform a mashup of “Downton” by Petula Clark and “Downton” by Macklemore. You know, it’s positively criminal that Seann Miley Moore went out in Week Two, considering how amazing he is. I have a vague theory that his downfall is tied directly to him getting rid of his backwards cap, but that’s for another time. Long story short, it was great to see everyone back together again, even if some sounded better than others (I love the guys to death, but Reggie N Bollie sounded AWFUL here). As we head to break, we get a message of encouragement from MARIAH CAREY! She praises the finalists and then closes by telling them not to listen to anything Simon says. Glad to see they’re still close, I guess. I wonder how she feels about him heading over to America’s Got Talent next year to work with her ex-husband?


-Coldplay performs their new single, “Adventure of a Lifetime”, and it’s a lot more upbeat and borderline funky than I was expecting it to be. This almost sounds like something Ed Sheeran might write, actually. I’m really digging it, can’t even lie. Chris Martin is also one of the more impressive live performers I’ve seen solely for how much his live voice sounds like the record on any given track. Granted, I’m really easy to impress, so take that for what you will. Still, I really enjoyed this, if for no other reason than there were freaking GORILLAS onstage! Okay, they weren’t real, but they were still there. Like I said, easy to impress.

In a charming interview, Chris talks about what a big fan he is of the show, and how much he respects the finalists for taking on such a huge endeavor, noting that he couldn’t have done anything like this as an upstart artist. Speaking of the finalists, it’s time to kick off the competition portion of tonight’s show…


-The guys recall why they’ve chosen this as their performance of the season, noting that it was their first standing ovation. Cheryl states that it was the night she realized what Reggie N Bollie could become. Tonight, Reggie and Bollie want to take that same energy from the first performance, and spread it all over Wembley.

-It’s no surprise for me to say this was a fun, energetic performance. It’s their mashup of “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Cheerleader”, and it’s basically the same as last time, only with a bigger stage. Granted, the vocal isn’t really there, but it’s kind of pointless to critique their singing at this point, since that’s not why they’re here. They’re here because people like them, and because they’re pure joy. Seriously, for three minutes every week, Reggie N Bollie help me forget I even have problems. They’re just a joy to watch. They even bring something new to this encore performance, as they add “I Like To Move It” to their mashup, getting the crowd on its feet and even earning a standing ovation from ALL FOUR JUDGES at the end! Way to go, guys!

-The crowd is absolutely RABID for these guys! This is an incredible reaction. Simon can barely even get a word in edgewise, and has to plead with the crowd to quiet down so he can talk. Simon says the guys were good last night, but kicked it up into another gear tonight. Earlier in the week, he thought Louisa was a lock to win, but feels we might be in for a surprise tonight. Nick agrees, feeling they can win The X Factor tonight. Rita can’t help but stand up and applaud their efforts tonight. She then leads the guys in one more “Mash it up, mash it up, mash it up, BOOM!” Cheryl thanks Reggie N Bollie for being her friend, and says she loves them both. In the post-performance interview, the guys thank the judges and everyone who voted for them. I can’t even tell you how badly I want these guys to win right now. Granted, that all could change when Louisa performs. But I think the popularity of these two is indicative of a change in the tides for a show like this. Louisa is the kind of artist who usually wins shows like this, so much so that it’s still expected that she’ll just win this in a walk. But I think people want a different kind of winner. And it could be time for Reggie N Bollie. In a cute moment, Olly interviews their families, and hot damn, these might be the most likable finalists I’ve seen on any show in 2015.


-Onto Louisa’s flashback, as she talks about falling in love with “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” the moment she heard it, and how she loves belting out those types of big songs. Rita considered it Louisa’s best performance, and I’m guessing this could end up topping it, if Louisa is on-point with her vocals this week. Just the acoustics of the larger Wembley Arena should do a lot to make it feel more epic.

-Yup, this was a win-worthy performance, and better than her first version of the song. And that’s saying a LOT. Everything from the full orchestra to the confident swagger with which she tackled the performance onstage, this was just PERFECT. I can’t think of any other way to put it. This was just majestic in every way. I’m sick to death of hearing that song on these sorts of shows, but I STILL had goosebumps! She earned a standing ovation from all four judges, and if that had been the only standing ovation of the season, she’d have deserved it.

-Cheryl tries to speak, but gets drowned out by the crowd, so Simon speaks by saying, “THAT is the X Factor!” He goes on to add that in all of his years doing this show, and other shows like it, what Louisa just did was the single best thing he’s ever seen. And it’s crazy that she’s just 17-years-old. Nick compares it to a smack in the face, while Rita declares that she already feels like she’s looking at the winner of The X Factor. In the post-performance interview, Louisa states that she’s just a normal person, and that this is her dream. She loves performing, and loves this song. Louisa is near tears, and her sincerity just pours through in this interview. She then goes out into the crowd to hug her family, as her parents express how proud they are of her. I think we have a SERIOUS race on our hands for the X Factor title.


-The boys perform their latest single, “Infinity”. Naturally, the crowd sings along, and this turns into a genuinely moving performance. They sound great together, really nailing the harmonies. I can see why this album got such a good rating from Rolling Stone. This is a surprisingly underrated standard of pop music. It’s not The Beatles, but I would argue that, from a musical standpoint, it’s better than a lot of the pop music from past eras, particularly for boy bands.

After the performance, Simon recalls how this takes him back to watching One Direction evolve on this show five years ago, and how he never could have predicted what they would have become. He knows the boys are taking a break, and they deserve this break. But he just wants to say thank you to One Direction, and to add that they’ve been a pleasure to work with. We then throw to a touching little video package of celebrities thanking One Direction and wishing them the best. The well-wishers include Simon, James Corden, Danny DeVito (???!!!), David Beckham, Little Mix, and Five Seconds of Summer, just to name a few.

We then cue up the band for the last performance from One Direction tonight, as they sing “History”. It’s kind of fitting that one of their last gigs as a band for the foreseeable future comes at the place where it all started, on The X Factor. “History” is just such a wonderful song, and a terrific way for the guys to go out, for now. I absolutely loved this. The collage of the boys hugging on the video screen behind them is a nice touch, and I love the hug they share together at the end, although it’s less of a sad hug and more of a “thank God, we can finally start our break now!” hug. Afterwards, One Direction thanks their fans for the support, and while I doubt this is the last we’ll see of these four, I’m wondering just how long of a “break” they plan on this being. Ah well, the “Man On the Moon” John Lewis Christmas commercial is on, so now I’m overwhelmed by feels. Can’t think. So let’s just table this discussion for later.

-Then, in possibly the most random video segment of the season, we get WILL FERRELL recap twelve season of novelty acts, from Jedward to Wagner to Chico Silmani. “Life simply wouldn’t be worth living without The X Factor,” he declares. It’s a stealth promo for his new movie, Daddy’s Home, and I found this pretty funny overall. But I’m still trying to get over how random this was, even though it was delightfully so.

-But enough of that! It’s now time for the finalists to perform their winner’s singles!


-Reggie and Bollie sit in a theater and watch some of their best moments from the show, while commenting on what they thought for each one. Apparently, they first started to believe they could go all the way after their performance of “Shut Up and Dance”. They recall how they almost broke up and quit music altogether before The X Factor, but now they’re here, and on the cusp of potentially winning. I can’t wait to hear what they do next!

-Well, it’s not the worst vocal ever, although I would argue it’s probably the weakest vocal from a finalist that we’ve ever heard in an X Factor finale. But, once again, vocals really aren’t why these two are here, and I respect what they bring to the competition. I still think they’d be worthy winners, simply for how much they’ve elevated the fun of the season. As for the performance, the arrangement has been given an island flavor to it, in order to highlight their performance strengths. They also have a full backing choir to help smoke-and-mirrors some of the weaker parts of the vocal. It actually manages to be pretty emotional towards the end, I thought.

-The applause for them is far more subdued right now, and Simon seems like he wants to comment on the weakness of the vocal. But he doesn’t, instead saying that Reggie and Bollie have been a pleasure to have on this show. He then opens the floor for them to respond and say whatever is on their mind. Reggie thanks the audience for voting for them, and says they never would have believed they’d make it this far. He states that they’re just family men, and they want to make a better life for their wives and children. It’s an absolutely beautiful speech, and it clearly moves Cheryl and Rita, who thank the guys and wish them luck. Nick adds that people on the street always ask him about Reggie and Bollie, and he echoes Simon’s words that they’ve been a joy to work with this season. We then throw to a video package in which their families thank them and cheer them on, and hot damn, is someone cutting onions up in here? Bollie seems genuinely moved, so much so that he can’t even look up. He just keeps his head down while cradling a child who I guess is his son? Ultimately, I think Reggie N Bollie have done all they can to win the title. I wish them the best of luck.


-Louisa talks about wanting to do this ever since she saw Leona Lewis on The X Factor, before talking about what a big support her family has been throughout her life. She was in college before The X Factor, but now she’s in the finals, and it shows her just how far she’s come. She talks about some of her favorite moments, from the six-chair challenge to the first live show and beyond, talking about how much she’s grown over the course of the competition, and just how badly she wants to win this. I think Louisa would be a great winner, although I wish they’d given she and Reggie N Bollie different winner’s singles. But I guess it’s too late for that now. Best of luck, Louisa!

-Obviously, this was a better vocal than what we got from Reggie N Bollie, although I actually like the arrangement for RnB’s version better. That said, this is more of a coronation song version than theirs was, and Louisa sure as hell does her best to fulfill the epic potential of the song. There were some minor issues here and there, as it sounded like she was off-key in certain places, but I really can’t front on Louisa’s vocal abilities. She’s just SO damn good. Seriously. I had chills. From head to toe, just chills.

-Cheryl praises Louisa for her consistently beautiful, composed, confident vocals, saying she stood there like a professional singer and had the audience in the palm of her hand. Simon admits he’s running out of nice things to say to Louisa, so he simply says that she owned tonight, noting she turned a good song into a great song. “I really do believe we are witnessing the birth of a star,” he declares. Nick is downright in awe of Louisa, saying she gives off Whitney and Mariah vibes. Rita is in tears as she tells Louisa she loves her. “No matter what happens, my honey, you’re a superstar. … I think there’s a reason why this show is so good. Look at what it can create!” After the performance, Louisa fights back tears when talking about how happy she is, and how this is her dream. Her little sister, Daisy, tells Caroline how proud she is of her big sister, as we throw to a video package of her family and friends congratulating her. Waterworks all over the place!

-We then throw to a recap of tonight’s performances. Thankfully, we don’t get the technical snafu we got last night either! Based on vocals, Louisa wins this easily. But part of me feels like she doesn’t need to win this to be a big deal, whereas Reggie N Bollie could use the boost. I’m torn.


-Okay, so this wasn’t flawless, but it seemed more like a technical issue than any problem with her voice, because the audio sounded off in places. But that’s just a guess. Even an iffy Adele performance is better than what the majority of the singers currently living on this planet can deliver. I thought this built and built and built until it became an epic vocal, in spite of the audio issues, with those rich-sounding high notes. And it’s a charming stage performance, to boot! In the most adorable moment ever, Adele cracks up laughing at the end of the performance, and later admits to Olly that she wanted to laugh the entire time. She also states that she loves Reggie N Bollie, and plans on calling Louisa later, although she admits that Lauren was her favorite. I can’t imagine how awesome it must be for Lauren to hear that.

-Back from break, and the big moment is finally at hand…

The X Factor UK 2015 Winner Results


-The acts enter with their respective judges, and Olly assures us that the votes have been counted and verified. The winner of The X Factor UK 2015 is…



Louisa Johnson wins The X Factor UK 2015

-Louisa is an absolute mess of tears, but it’s beautiful to see such pure, unfettered happiness. She says she’s dreamed of this exact moment for as long as she can remember, and she can’t believe it’s here. Her family embraces her onstage, as Rita riles up the crowd and gives it up for Louisa. Cheryl congratulates Louisa as well, as do Reggie N Bollie. In one of the classiest moments I can remember on this series, Reggie refutes Olly’s assertion that they’re devastated to have lost, saying that they came into this show empty-handed and left fully-loaded. Louisa is the right winner, but I can’t help but feel pride for what Reggie N Bollie accomplished here, going from this season’s novelty act to becoming one of the biggest joys of the entire competition. I would have loved their winner’s celebration, but I think their congratulations for Louisa were just as endearing, heartfelt and humble.

Louisa closes out the season by performing “Forever Young” as she gets swallowed alive by the Top 13 in what Caroline calls “the world’s biggest group hug.” What a great way to close out a solid season of The X Factor.

What did you think of the final result? Did the right act win? And what did you think of this season overall? Where does it rank in X Factor history? And where does this talent pool rank against others in X Factor past? Sound off in the comments!

Thank you so much for joining me on this season of The X Factor UK! Without your readership, I wouldn’t get to cover one of my favorite shows on TV.


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