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The X Factor UK 2015 Results: Who Went Home In Week Three? (VIDEO)

The X Factor UK 2015 is down to the final nine, following last weekend’s elimination of Kiera Weathers and the shocking ouster of Seann Miley Moore. This left us with a competition where, essentially, anything could happen. If it wasn’t evident before, it really is now: NO ONE IS SAFE!

Last night’s show was the best live show of the season so far, which makes this an even harder decision, as the competition is starting to get down to the wire. With yet ANOTHER double elimination tonight, we’re basically guaranteed to lose a great act (or possibly two!).

But which two acts went home this week? I’ll be updating with results and commentary below, along with videos when they become available:


The X Factor UK 2015 Results Who Went Home In Week Three (VIDEO)

-After the recap of last night’s performances and the backstage reactions, we get a major announcement from Simon Cowell: the Top 7 acts who survive tonight’s results show will go on The X Factor live tour! So the stakes just got considerably higher.

Group Performance

The Top 9 sing “Flashdance…What a Feeling” by Irene Cara, and they all sound pretty great. In particular, I loved hearing 4th Impact on the slow tempo opening. I’d love to see them do something like this for a performance or two, since the all-dancing, high-energy performance style is clearly taxing them, especially after last night’s incident with Celina. And Max sounded great uptempo. I really enjoyed this.

Jess Glynne, “Take Me Home”

-I really like Jess Glynne, but this was an absolute mess of a vocal. I have no idea what happened here. I can only imagine the sound was off and she couldn’t really hear herself (she did mess with her earpiece a bit), because she was missing notes, left and right. Maybe she was sick? It’d certainly be the season for a bug to be going around. Again, love Jess Glynne, but thought this really wasn’t up to her standard. That said, this is a really great song I hadn’t heard before, so she basically succeeded in getting me to rush to iTunes to buy it, because I’m loading up iTunes right now.

One Direction performs “Perfect”

-While this song still sounds strangely like “Style” by Taylor Swift to me, I’m far more amused by how the VT found strategic ways to hide Zayn in all of the old footage of One Direction. I’m guessing whatever bug Jess Glynne caught was also affecting Harry Styles, who struggled like hell to get through this song. After the performance, he confirmed to Olly Murs that he wasn’t feeling too great, so good on him for wanting to fight through it all and sing life, when he easily could hav just gone with a pre-recorded track or something.


-The acts are out onstage, and hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack reveal the six acts who are safe. In no particular order…

The first act through to next week’s show is…MASON NOISE!

The second act through to next week’s show is…LAUREN MURRAY!

The third act through to next week’s show is…CHE CHESTERMAN!

The fourth act through to next week’s show is…REGGIE N BOLLIE!

The fifth act through to next week’s show is…LOUISA JOHNSON!

The sixth and final act guaranteed a place in next week’s show is…4TH IMPACT!


-Honestly, I’m surprised Mason sailed through to next week. When he was added to judges’ houses, a lot of people were mad. And now, he’s avoided elimination while acts who were far more popular at the start of the season have found themselves at risk. I’m also pleasantly surprised that Reggie N Bollie continue to sail through each week. They’re the kind of fun this competition needs. That said, I think next week might be the limit of how far they can get, since it’ll be another double elimination, and I just can’t see them outlasting some of these amazing singers unless the competitors have an off-night. Then again, Reggie N Bollie are just different enough that it’s unlikely they’ll split votes with anyone, so who knows?

Bottom 3 Elimination

-Monica Michael, Max Stone, and Anton Stephans remain onstage, and I’d be shocked if Monica didn’t get the fewest votes. But I need to stop saying stuff like that, since Seann Miley Moore’s elimination basically threw everything out the window last week.

The act with the fewest public votes and leaving the competition immediately is…MAX STONE!

Max Stone eliminated from The X Factor UK 2015

MAX STONE is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK 2015!

-Max takes his elimination well, saying he was proud to have made it this far. When asked what he thought went wrong, Max is puzzled, saying it might have been the song, or it might have been that he was ill. Either way, he’s grateful for the experience, and Simon was happy to have him, noting what a gentleman Max has been throughout the entire competition. I’ll certainly miss Max, who was one of the most subtly compelling acts on the show this season.

Bottom 2 Sing-Off

-Monica Michael sings “Broken-Hearted Girl” by Beyonce, and it’s one of her best vocals of this entire competition, in my opinion. And I say that as someone who loved her performance last night, and found it to be one of her personal best. It’s clear how badly Monica wants this, and she’s fighting like hell to stay here. I love that determination.

-Anton Stephans sings “If You Don’t Know Me By Now” by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes in one of his most emotional performances yet. I love the richness of his voice here, and wish he could have found a way to sing this last night (don’t know if it was featured in a movie or not). This is going to be a really tough vote for the judges, and I would imagine it’ll go to deadlock. This is an impossible choice.

Final Result

-We do the vote in a bit of a strange order, as we go to Nick (with no act in the bottom 2), then Rita (with one act in the bottom 2), then Cheryl (with no act in the bottom 2), and finally Simon (with one act in the bottom 2). This leaves us with a result that’s fairly obvious…

Nick Grimshaw feels Anton did better in the sing-off, so he votes to eliminate Monica Michael.

Rita Ora chooses to stand by her act, so she votes to eliminate Anton Stephans.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini feels Monica still has a lot left to give, so she votes to eliminate Anton Stephans.

Simon Coweell ultimately chooses to stand by his act, so he votes to eliminate Monica Michael.

In one of the most awkward, embarrassing moments of the season, Olly forgets that both acts have an even number of votes, and instead tells Monica she’ll be going home, before Caroline quickly corrects him by saying they’re actually going to deadlock. Olly apologizes profusely, and my heart just breaks for the poor guy, since he’s probably going to catch hell for this slip-up later.


Olly is handed the envelope and, almost as if not wanting to risk screwing up again, hands it over to Caroline. Caroline looks genuinely sad when she reads the result…

MONICA MICHAEL is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK 2015!

Monica Michael is eliminated from The X Factor UK 2015

-Monica is surprisingly chipper about her elimination, thanking Rita for giving her a shot, and shouting out “The X Factor Class of 2015”. She really does love her fellow contestants, it seems. I love these friendships, and their general closeness.

Thoughts: I don’t think there was a wrong result to make from that sing-off, so I get why this happened. I’ll still miss Monica though. She was one of my favorites at the start of the season, and while not all of her performances matched the standard of her early season performances, I think she did quite well for herself overall. And she definitely did deserve to be brought back as the wildcard. Here’s hoping she’s able to use this as a launching pad to bigger and better things, because I think she’s got loads of talent.

But what did you think of the result? Sound off in the comments!

Until next time, thank you for reading!


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