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The X Factor UK 2015 Results: Two Acts Go Home in First Live Elimination (VIDEO)

The X Factor UK 2015 aired its first live show of the season last night, and it was one of the strongest opening shows in X Factor history, honestly. Twelve acts took the stage, and they were joined by judges’ wildcard Monica Michael, as the contestants performed songs from the This Is Me theme.

This was probably the first live show in X Factor history where I didn’t know who’d land in the Bottom 3 for certain. I felt like Bupsi and Max Stone were certain to end up in trouble at first, but then Mason Noise and Kiera Weathers received lukewarm reactions during the recap at the end of the show. So I wasn’t really sure who would land in the Bottom 3. That made this an exciting results show, but also quite a stress-inducing one as well, since you never really know with The X Factor. Your favorites could land on the chopping block far sooner than you want them to.

But which two acts went home this week? Find out the results below (with videos to come as soon as they’re available):


The X Factor UK 2015 Results Two Acts Go Home in First Live Elimination (VIDEO)

Declared Safe

Che Chesterman
Reggie N Bollie
Louisa Johnson
Seann Miley Moore
Max Stone
Lauren Murray
Anton Stephans
Mason Noise
4th Impact
Monica Michael

Bottom 3 and First Elimination

Alien Uncovered
Kiera Weathers

Hosts Olly Murs and Caroline Flack revealed the act with the fewest number of votes…

BUPSI is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK 2015!

Bupsi eliminated from The X Factor UK 2015

Bupsi is clearly disappointed, but she takes her elimination in stride, noting what an amazing time she had on The X Factor, and what a life-changing experience this was. Simon, in gentlemanly fashion, states that someone had to go, and he’s sad that it had to be Bupsi. I’m a bit saddened by this too, actually, since I thought she just had an off-night, and had a lot more to give than we saw. But I get it. Out of all the acts, she was at or near the bottom of last night’s performances. Still, I’ll miss her. I’d probably be more upset if I weren’t too distracted from my shock over Alien Uncovered landing in the Bottom 2 so early in the competition.

Final Showdown

Alien Uncovered sings “Pressure” by Sounds of Blackness”, and it’s…not the song I would have gone with for a sing-off. But the girls do their best with it, delivering some impressive vocals, despite some of the girls being off-key and screechy. I think part of it is nerves, and the other part of it is how they’re fighting against the overpowering track itself. It’s almost never a good idea to do an upbeat song for your sing-off song, in my opinion.

Kiera Weathers sings “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M., and it’s easily my favorite performance of hers ever. It’s all in the song choice, man! Going in, I would have assumed Alien Uncovered would be saved in a sweep, but this had me thinking Kiera might end up forcing a deadlock with this. All in all, this was an interesting sing-off for the clash in styles.

Final Result

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini voted to eliminate Kiera Weathers
Rita Ora voted to eliminate Alien Uncovered
Nick Grimshaw voted to eliminate Alien Uncovered
Simon Cowell voted to eliminate Alien Uncovered

ALIEN UNCOVERED is eliminated from THE X FACTOR UK 2015!

Alien Uncovered eliminated from The X Factor UK 2015

Thoughts: I hate this result but I get it, particularly with Nick and Simon’s justifications (i.e., what’s the point of even having a sing-off if you’re not going to vote to save the person who sang better?). Simon clearly wasn’t happy about having to send home Alien Uncovered, but to do otherwise would have undermined the format of the show. Which is not to say that they haven’t ignored the sing-off just to save the act they wanted before. But tonight, I think it was clear who won that sing-off. Still, I’m going to miss Alien Uncovered, although I did find it strange when Simon said he was voting to send home Alien “NATION”, because that’s actually a much better name than what the girls ended up switching to. But that’s a moot point now, I guess. I wish all the best for these girls in their future, because they’ve got all the tools to be superstars.

What did you think of this result? Did the right acts go home? If not, whom would you have switched out? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on The X Factor UK, relive the first live show of the season from last night!

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