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The X Factor UK 2015 Recap: Che Chesterman Botches Adele Lyrics on Jukebox Week (VIDEO)

The X Factor UK 2015 is nearing its end, as the final five compete for a spot in the finals with Jukebox Week, as voters picked a song for each of the final five acts this week, while the mentors picked a second for their acts. Simon Cowell has been knocked out of the competition, as last week’s elimination of Anton Stephans left him without any acts in the competition. Ultimately, this means Simon has no allegiances, which should make the voting on results night a bit more interesting.

As for tonight’s show, I found this to be the strongest show of the season overall, with each act delivering at least one performance that recommends them for the grand final. I thought Louisa had a real moment with both her songs tonight, showing not only her versatility (proving she’s capable of more than just big-voiced ballads), but also her viability as a contemporary artist. Also, 4th Impact delivered, as they showed two very different sides to their performance style (with “I’ll Be There” showing their worth as vocalists, while the “Fancy”/”Rich Girl” mashup offered more of their high-energy, entertaining swagger). Meanwhile, Lauren Murray continued to show she’s among the best vocalists in this entire competition with “Firestone” and “You Don’t Own Me”, and Reggie N Bollie delivered a pair of their most purely entertaining performances this season with “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”/”Azonto” and “Dynamite”.

Unfortunately, the week wasn’t as good for Che Chesterman, who had an absolute disaster of a performance with his version of Adele’s “Hello”. Early into the song, he completely forgot the lyrics for the verse, leaving him to aimlessly croon his way through it until the chorus. I can only imagine landing in the Bottom 2 hurt his confidence a lot, because he seemed nervous here like he never has before. Simon gave him a hard time about it, calling it disappointing (and rightfully so). But hey, his version of “Try A Little Tenderness” was great, and it earned Simon’s respect, as Che was praised for dusting himself off and getting back up there like a real man does. That said, the mess of “Hello” and the triumph of “Try A Little Tenderness” has me wondering if Che actually knows how to do anything contemporary, or if he can only do classic R&B/Soul music. Either way, I like him a lot, even if I think he’s probably Bottom 2-bound once again.

All in all, this was a hell of a show, in my opinion. Videos will be coming soon below, so keep on refreshing:

The X Factor UK 2015 Recap Che Chesterman Botches Lyrics to 'Hello' on Jukebox Week (VIDEO)

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Thoughts: 4th Impact had a great week, better than Reggie N Bollie, but I think the latter group is a bit more popular than the former. Strangely, I don’t expect Che to land in the Bottom 2 this week, since I think 1) people will feel bad for him over the forgotten lyrics (and hey, mistakes DO happen, after all. And they happen to EVERYONE), and 2) voters will respect how he bounced back in Round 2, as they should. That said, if it were up to me, Che would land in the Bottom 2 on principle, because that first performance was just such a cringe-fest, and I thought the vocal itself wasn’t up to his usual standard even when he was getting the lyrics right. But it’s not really up to me, so I’m going to be random and just say Lauren Murray and 4th Impact will land in the Bottom 2. And I have no idea why I think so other than a general hunch. Granted, all my hunches have been wrong this season, so take it with a grain of salt.

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