‘The X Factor’ Star Honey G Flops, First Single Fails To Reach Top 100

The X Factor UK has given the music industry some of its biggest stars, such as One Direction, Little Mix, James Arthur, Olly Murs and Leona Lewis. But it’s also produced some huge flops — and the latest person to join that list is a finalist from the most recent season: Honey G.

To the surprise of basically no one, Honey G became the latest X Factor artist to flop. Her debut single, “The Honey G Show”, failed to chart in the Top 100, instead landing at No. 149. Unfortunately, for all the headlines she generated during her time on the show, Honey G was unable to transition the buzz into actual record sales.

'The X Factor' Star Honey G Flops, First Single Fails To Reach Top 100

Source: YouTube

Not even a huge outburst at her recent gig in Leeds translated to any renewed interest in her music. Granted, it’s only been a few weeks since this season of The X Factor ended, and only about a month since she was eliminated from the show, but this should arguably be her hottest period. And she’s just not generating the buzz she was able to bring to the show. Then again, this might not be the end for her, provided she lands on a reality show, a la fellow X Factor alum Rylan Clark-Neal. I imagine Celebrity Big Brother would gladly take her. But will that help her music career any? Only time will tell.

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And for more, watch the debut music video for “The Honey G Show”!

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