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The X Factor Australia 2016 Results: Elimination Shocker Stuns Adam Lambert (VIDEO)

The results are in for Week 1 of The X Factor Australia 2016, as the live shows kicked off with a bang. However, the Top 12 have become the Top 8 now that Australia has eliminated one act from each of the four categories. Needless to say, the results for Adam Lambert’s Under 22s is among the most shocking outcomes in the history of The X Factor Australia.

Yes, it was the end of the road for Natalie Ong, the singer who’d been one of the odds-on-favorite to win the entire competition. Adam was positively gutted to lose her, judging by his reaction. Seriously, he sounded like he’d just been punched in the gut, and I imagine the experience was at least somewhat comparable. Of course, I really felt for Natalie as well, who managed to keep her composure and exit with grace and dignity, despite the heartbreaker of a result. It sucks that each judge had to lose one act, since I would imagine Natalie was nowhere near the bottom of the overall vote between all 12 acts. But because she had the fewest votes of the three acts in her category, it was the end of the road for a singer who, one could argue, stole the show in Week One.

But who were the other three acts eliminated? Find out below:

The X Factor Australia 2016 Results: Elimination Shocker Stuns Adam Lambert (VIDEO)

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Under 22s elimination

Over 22s elimination

Underdogs elimination

Groups elimination

So the Top 8 are…

Isaiah Firebrace
Amalia Foy
Danny Woder
Chynna Taylor

And the four acts eliminated were…

Natalie Ong (still in shock, honestly)
Timmy Knowles
Maddison Milewski
Time and Place

While I agree with the eliminations in the other categories, I really thought Natalie deserved to outlast Amalia in Adam’s Under 22s. With that said, I can’t be too upset at Amalia sticking around, because she’s got loads of talent. With that said, I would have bet the farm on Natalie being the only one capable of stopping an inevitable Isaiah Firebrace win. I guess that responsibility falls to Danny Woder and/or AYA, with an outside chance of Chynna Taylor going on a tear. Or, hell, maybe Amalia becomes the dark horse? Of course, I don’t think an Isaiah win is something that actually needs to be prevented. Much like Cyrus Villanueva last year, I would love if Isaiah went all the way. I just wish there was a bit more drama in all of it. Then again, I talk about wanting less predictability, and here I am, writing about the elimination of Natalie Ong. So I guess I ought to be careful what I wish for, with this show. But hey, when you love The X Factor, that means you’re in for the highs and the lows. It should be an interesting next few weeks.

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