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The X Factor Australia 2016 Results: Double Elimination Ends In Shocker (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia 2016 featured a double elimination this week, and at least one of the acts sent home was a genuine shock to the audience and viewers.

With just seven acts left, and a double elimination around the corner, each act had to rise to the occasion. This was easier said than done, as the acts didn’t know what song they would be singing until just seconds before performing, thanks to a public vote that left the song decision up to Australia. Some acts did a great job with the song they were given, such as Chynna Taylor and Davey Woder. I also thought Beatz were severely underrated, while Brentwood had one of their best performances of the live shows. But others had some trouble with the tracks they were given. It wasn’t the strongest week for Isaiah Firebrace and Amalia Foy, and it was a mess of a week for Vlado.

But which two acts ended up going home this week? Get the results below:

The X Factor Australia 2016 Results: Double Elimination Ends In Shocker (VIDEO)

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-Host Jason Dundas revealed the Bottom Three: Brentwood, Chynna Taylor and Beatz. The act with the fewest votes was instantly elimimated:

BRENTWOOD had the fewest votes and were instantly eliminated from THE X FACTOR AUSTRALIA 2016!

IGGY AZALEA is first judge knocked out of the competition!

This left Chynna and Beatz to compete in the Final Showdown.

Bottom 2 Sing-Off

Beatz sang “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera

Chynna Taylor sang “What’s Up?” by Four Non Blondes

Final Verdict

Exit Interview

With Brentwood and Chynna Taylor eliminated from the competition, your Top 5 are…

Isaiah Firebrace
Amalia Foy
Davey Woder

Genuinely surprised about Chynna, but Beatz is a resilient group with a lot of star potential, so I probably would have saved them too. I suppose I’m more baffled by how Vlado wasn’t at risk for elimination. I suppose his heartthrob charisma is really carrying him far, but I figured he’d have split the young girl vote with Isaiah by now. Looks like we could have a Johnny Ruffo situation on our hands, where the heartthrob of the season manages to stick around until the final. Except Johnny Ruffo actually got significantly better as that season went on. Here’s hoping Vlado improves. I like the kid and think he has loads of potential, but he needs better song choices than he’s being given.

But what do you think of the results? Sound off in the comments!

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