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The X Factor Australia 2015: Top 7 Perform as Pinoy Singer Steals the Show (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia 2015 is getting down to the nitty-gritty, as we’re at roughly the halfway point of the competition. This week’s Top 7 live performance show featured some puzzling song choices, considering the Trailblazers theme. In fact, you could probably argue that these were some of the blandest song choices of the season, what with “Jailhouse Rock”, “Dancing In the Dark”, and “Diamonds” on the list. Great songs, but not exactly exciting.

And yet, this ended up being one of the better episodes since the live shows began. Maybe it’s because we’re finally down to the right group of finalists, with everyone being able to make a case for the Grand Final, or maybe it’s because the judges finally gave each finalist a song in his or her wheelhouse. Either way, this was a fun show that highlighted some of the different talents of each finalist, such as Cyrus’s underrrated stage presence, Louise’s guitar skills, and Big T’s sweet dance moves. Unfortunately, Natalie and Michaela struggled a bit in their respective performances due to medical issues, with Michaela suffering from a double ear infection (which made it difficult for her to hear herself) and Natalie recovering from having lost her voice (which made “I Have Nothing” even MORE of a baffling song choice from judge James Blunt). But I think this ultimately ended up being, overall, a pretty solid night for the Top 7, with Filipino singer Cyrus Villanueva stealing the show with his outstanding rendition of Adele’s “Rumour Has It”. Seriously, one of the best performances of the entire season, full-stop.

The X Factor Australia 2015 Top 7 Perform as Pinoy Singer Steals the Show (VIDEO)

But how did your favorites do? Check out the performance videos and make your Bottom 2 predictions below:








Thoughts: For me, Cyrus and Mahalia were the highlights of the night. I had been worried about Mahalia in recent weeks, since I think Dannii was steering her in the wrong direction with some of her song choices. But this Amy Winehouse song put Mahalia right back on track, and I couldn’t be happier. By the same token, I was utterly puzzled when Chris Isaak picked “Rumour Has It” for Cyrus, but it ended up being, in my opinion. one of the best performances of the season, not just from an entertainment standpoint, but vocally as well (seriously, this song showed off SO MANY different sides to Cyrus’s voice, from the crazy runs to the husky low notes. It really was a brilliant song choice from Chris). Cyrus just came across like a big star.

With that said, I have no idea who the Bottom 2 is going to be. Honestly, I’m a bit worried for Natalie and Jess & Matt, both of whom were straddled with song choices that left a lot to be desired (although I adored what Jess & Matt did with “Dancing In the Dark”). This was also the least exciting Louise has been since the first live show, which I found surprising, since she’s usually one of the more interesting contestants in a given show. So I’m worried for her too. However, I think it’s way past time for Michaela to make a Bottom 2 appearance. She’s a perfectly fine singer, and a lovely girl, but her performances are just so terminally bland. I can understand why she hasn’t been in the Bottom 2 yet, considering all the other acts that were left in the competition at the time, but I really can’t think of a reason she wouldn’t find herself at risk now. Then again, she’s quite popular, so I can’t be certain she’s ever going to be at risk, truthfully. So I’m just going to roll the dice and say Natalie and Jess & Matt will land in the Bottom 2, even though I really hope they don’t.

But what did you think of The X Factor Australia Top 7 performances? Sound off in the comments!

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