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The X Factor Australia 2015 Top 12 Revealed: Who Advanced to the Live Shows? (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia 2015 live shows begin next week! But which acts made the Top 12?

Well, it was an emotional evening, as the Top 20 acts learned their fate following the exciting performances of the Super Home Visits in London with Simon Cowell, Rita Ora and Olly Murs.

At the end of the day, each judge could only pick three acts apiece. So who are the final twelve for The X Factor Australia 2015 live shows? Find out below:


Boys (Mentored by Chris Isaak): Big T, Jimmy Davis, Cyrus Villanueva
Eliminated: Michael Duchense, Andrew Lambrou

Girls (Mentored by Dannii Minogue): Michaela Baranov, Georgia Denton, Mahalia Simpson
Eliminated: Emilia Kelberg, Maddison Milewski

Groups (Mentored by Guy Sebastian): The Fisher Boys, In Stereo, Jess & Matt
Eliminated: Lazy J & Big Guy, Paris Inc.

Over 25s (Mentored by James Blunt): Louise Adams, Natalie Conway, Dan Hamill
Eliminated: Gazele, Roshani Priddis

The X Factor Australia 2015 Top 12 Revealed Who Advanced to the Live Shows (VIDEO)

Credit: Seven

Thoughts: I can’t even begin to say how sad I am about Paris Inc. and Maddison Milewski. I really thought this was their year. But the competition was just insane this year. I would love for their to be a wild card to allow for one of these two acts to advance, but I guess it just isn’t in the cards. And poor Roshani, the latest Australian Idol alum to fall just short of the live shows after James Johnston and Amali Ward last year. I didn’t think she’d make the lives, but I thought she had a real shot at it. Ultimately, while I think these are solid choices all-around, I can’t help but feel sad for the ones who missed out. That said, I think it speaks volumes of the talent this season that I have absolutely no idea who’s winning this thing. So the eliminated contestants can at least take comfort in knowing they didn’t lose out to scrubs, if that’s any consolation. Setting aside my disappointment for the eliminated contestants, I’m actually really impressed with this Top 12.

But what do you think? Did the judges choose the right acts? Who do you think will win The X Factor Australia 2015? Sound off in the comments!

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