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The X Factor Australia 2015 Results: Who Advanced to the Grand Final? (VIDEO)

The grand final for The X Factor Australia 2015 is NEXT WEEK! So, after one of the most exciting seasons of the show in recent memory, we must make our final elimination of the season.

With a semifinal that ranked among the best in the history of The X Factor Australia, it was going to be tough to see anyone leave. Jess & Matt had a great night that really exemplified their terrific chemistry, Big T sang his heart out with two big tracks, Cyrus Villanueva solidified his frontrunner status, and Louise Adams remained as consistently strong as ever. So this was going to be a more dramatic results show than usual. Would the Bottom 2 feature the only remaining two acts who’ve been there before (Jess & Matt and Big T), or would a newcomer land in the Bottom 2 for the first time this season (Cyrus or Louise)? Would the judges be able to reach a unanimous decision, or would we go to deadlock for the third straight week? And would James Blunt or Guy Sebastian join Dannii Minogue as the next judge to be knocked out of the competition? Or would Chris Isaak lose one of his two boys? It was a dramatic results show, perhaps the most dramatic this season, considering what was at stake.

So which three acts advanced to the grand final, and which act just missed out? Find out the results below:


The X Factor Australia 2015 Results Who Advanced to the Grand Final (VIDEO)

Declared Safe

Cyrus Villanueva
Jess & Matt

Bottom 2

Big T
Louise Adams

Final Showdown

Big T sings “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley

Louise Adams sings “Roxanne” by The Police

Final Result

This week, the judges gave the name of the act they wanted to send through to the grand final, rather than the artist they wanted to send home.

Chris Isaak voted to save his act, Big T.
Guy Sebastian voted to save Louise Adams.
James Blunt voted to save his act, Louise Adams.
Dannii Minogue voted to send it to deadlock, so she voted to save Big T.

And so, once again, we got to DEADLOCK!

Host Luke Jacobz reads the result…

BIG T is eliminated from THE X FACTOR AUSTRALIA 2015!

Big T eliminated from The X Factor Australia 2015

Thoughts: I can’t argue with this result, and I say that as someone who generally liked Big T throughout his run. In my opinion, Louise just had to go through to the grand final. And you know what? While some of my favorite acts have gone home over the course of the season (namely, Mahalia), I think this is the right final three. And that’s pretty rare for any reality show, honestly. Well, at least for me. Seriously, I love all three of these acts, and would be thrilled to see any of them win. It’s more than likely going to be Cyrus, but for once, I can say I’d be happy no more who wins this.

But what did you think of this result? Was it the right Bottom 2? Did the right acts go through to the grand final? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on The X Factor Australia 2015, relive last night’s show by watching the semifinal performance videos!

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