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The X Factor Australia 2015 Results: It’s a Bad Night for Dannii Minogue (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia 2015 Top 7 became the Top 6 in yet another dramatic live decider that saw one judge getting the short end of the stick. Last week, it was Guy Sebastian whose remaining two acts landed in the Bottom 2. But this week, that unfortunate distinction went to Dannii Minogue.

Yes, it was yet another Bottom 2 appearance for Mahalia Simpson, and the first-ever Bottom 2 showing for Michaela Baranov. As host Luke Jacobz read the results, it came down to Dannii’s girls, and Guy’s sole remaining group, Jess & Matt. Ultimately, the lovebirds were declared safe, leaving Dannii with the unfortunate possibility that she might have to vote against one of her two acts. It wasn’t exactly a shocking Bottom 2, but I will say that it ended up being a far closer sing-off than I ever would have expected, and it resulted in the most dramatic judges’ deliberations of the season so far.

But which act went home this week? Find out the results below:


The X Factor Australia 2015 Results It's a Bad Night for Dannii Minogue (VIDEO)

Declared Safe

Cyrus Villanueva
Louise Adams
Big T
Natalie Conway
Jess & Matt

Bottom 2

Mahalia Simpson
Michaela Baranov

Mahalia and Michaela are the Bottom 2 on The X Factor Australia

Final Showdown

Michaela Baranov sang “The Winner Takes It All” by ABBA:

Mahalia Simpson sang “Ready For Love” by India.Arie

Final Result

Chris Isaak voted to eliminate Michaela Baranov
Guy Sebastian voted to eliminate Michaela Baranov
Dannii Minogue voted to eliminate Mahalia Simpson, in an attempt to even out the votes so it could go to deadlock.
James Blunt voted to Michaela Baranov


Thoughts: This was the right result, but hot damn, is it ever going to be awkward between Dannii and Mahalia now. I get what Dannii was trying to do by voting to send Mahalia home. And I get what the show was trying to do by going to Dannii before going to James Blunt, since they presumably wanted to force a judge to actually vote against one of their own acts this time. Hell, we’ve already been in this situation twice with Guy this season, and he didn’t have to vote either time because there was already a majority by the time they got to him. Considering the inevitability of James voting against Michaela, going to Dannii early was the only way to force her to make a choice, which is actually kind of cruel in retrospect. But again, I get why they did it. And yet, with all of that considered, I still can’t help but feel awful for Mahalia. While not at all unheard of, a judge voting against her own act is incredibly rare on The X Factor, and I just hope Mahalia understands that this was nothing more than Dannii’s way of trying to force a deadlock to let Australia decide. Some might call that a copout on Dannii’s part, but I don’t really blame her for it, considering what a difficult situation she was placed in. Still, I worry that this might take a toll on Mahalia’s confidence. And if so, that’s a shame, because even if she peaked a bit early in the competition, Mahalia is still one of the best singers they have.

What did you think of this result? Was it the right Bottom 2? If not, whom would you have switched out? Sound off in the comments!

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