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The X Factor Australia 2015 Results: Deadlock Ends In Shocking Elimination (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia 2015 is getting down to the wire, as the Top 6 became the Top 5 in a dramatic results show that brought us a surprising Bottom 2.

Of course, the Bottom 2 was nowhere near as shocking as the elimination itself. The bottom two featured Mahalia Simpson, in her third bottom three appearance, taking on first-timer Natalie Conway in the sing-off. The result? We went to deadlock for the first time this season! The judges’ inability to reach a consensus meant the public votes decided the outcome. No matter what happened, one truly deserving singer would be going home. It was an awesome sing-off that makes it all the sadder that we’re losing one of these two performers.

But which act went home this week? Find out the results below:


Mahalia Simpson Bottom 2 on The X Factor Australia

Declared Safe

Cyrus Villanueva
Louise Adams
Big T
Jess & Matt

Bottom 2

Mahalia Simpson
Natalie Conway

The X Factor Australia 2015 Results Deadlock Ends In Shocking Elimination (VIDEO)

Final Showdown

Natalie Conway sings “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor:

Mahalia Simpson sings “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige

Final Result

Dannii Minogue voted to eliminate Natalie Conway, supporting her own act.
James Blunt voted to eliminate Mahalia Simpson, supporting his own act.
Chris Isaak voted to eliminate Natalie Conway, saying there’s just something unique about Mahalia.
Guy Sebastian voted to eliminate Mahalia Simpson, in order to force a deadlock.

Host Luke Jacobz read the result…


Natalie Conway eliminated from The X Factor Australia 2015

Thoughts: I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t believe Big T was safe again this week. I get that he’s popular, and so his continued safety doesn’t really shock me anymore. But I really thought this would be the week he’d face serious problems, considering what a mess his performance was last night, and how much he struggled to get through it. Big T’s inherent likability is one of his biggest assets, and I think it could carry him all the way to the final. In fact, given this result, I fully expect it to. Of course, this isn’t to say that Big T isn’t a damn good singer in his own right, but I never would have believed when the live shows started that he’d outlast Natalie, and also become likely to outlast Mahalia as well.

As much as I’ve adored Mahalia, this is her third time in the bottom two, and her second Bottom 2 appearance in as many weeks. For some reason, Australia just isn’t connecting with her at all, and it’s a real shame, because she’s a world-class talent. Part of it is that Dannii’s song choices aren’t doing much for her, but I feel like the other part of it is that there’s this guard up that makes her seem standoffish. Her intro video before each performance makes it look like she doesn’t even want to be there, and while I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case, perception is everything on a show like this. That’s why I’m wondering if it might not have been wiser to have just saved Natalie this week, since she’s been far more consistent, and this was only her first Bottom 2 appearance. The idea is to save someone who can still win the show, and I think Natalie could have still been a contender, a la Reigan Derry. Then again, the other point is to save someone whom you think can still be a star. And you could make the argument that Mahalia has more star potential than Natalie. And hey, Samantha Jade WON The X Factor Australia after multiple Bottom 2 appearances, so Mahalia clearly still has a shot. After all, it ain’t over til it’s over! Still, I’m going to miss Natalie.

What did you think of this result? Was it the right Bottom 2? If not, whom would you have switched out? Sound off in the comments!

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