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The X Factor Australia 2015 Bootcamp Results: Which Groups and Over 25s Advanced? (VIDEO)

The X Factor Australia is inching ever closer to the live shows, as the judges had to make their choices for Home Visits. Yesterday, judge Chris Isaak picked the five contestants for his Boys category. Tonight, James Blunt made his final picks for the Over 25s category, while Guy Sebastian made his five selections for the Groups. Unfortunately for the contestants, this meant going through the intensive, nerve-racking Five Chair Challenge. In short, pressure was at an all-time high, and heartbreak was pretty much the name of the game, as acts were given spots at Judges’ Homes only to be switched out later on.

So which five Over 25s did James Blunt choose, and which five Groups did Guy Sebastian pick to take to Judges’ Home visits?

Check out the results and videos below:







Thoughts: I was pretty shocked Aaron Taylor didn’t make it. I thought he was a lock. And while the elimination of Lisa Mondy wasn’t that shocking from a talent perspective, since there were stronger singers in the category, I did think she would end up being a sentimental favorite who’d make it through anyway. Mama Julz was another surprise, in my opinion. Sure, there were better singers, but I feel like Mama Julz brought a lot of excitement to the category, and a high energy that not a lot of other contestants could match. She was unique, in that regard. Still, I can’t really fault James for any of his choices, particularly Dan Hamill, who’s pretty great. It’s also cool to see Roshani Priddis make it, since I’m stoked any time an Australian Idol alum goes far. Then again, James Johnston and Amali Ward went reasonably far last year, only to get cut before live shows, so who knows? Anything could happen, and that’s kind of exciting.

The X Factor Australia 2015 Bootcamp Results Which Groups and Over 25s Advanced (VIDEO)

Anyway, onto Guy’s picks…







Thoughts: Before Bootcamp started, I actually felt as though the Groups category was the weakest category this year. But after the Five-Chair Challenge, I found myself surprised at the overall quality of the acts who are advancing. Paris Inc. and The Fisher Boys alone are good enough to make the live shows and actually go pretty far when/if they do. I also think we could have another Brothers 3 on our hands with In Stereo, who need a lot of work on their performance, but who have tons of potential to be the act that sticks around for a really long time. Well, either that or they could be the new Younger Than Yesterday, an act that fizzled out pretty quickly. Then again, YTY was put together at Bootcamp, whereas In Stereo came fully-formed, right out the gate. But the act I’m most interested in seeing at Home Visits is Jess & Matt, who’ve gotten better and better every single time I’ve seen them. Should be interesting to see how these finalists do, even Lazy J & Big Guy, an act I’m having a hard time deciding whether I find annoying or not. Can’t wait for Home Visits!

Anyway, the only judge left to choose now is Dannii Minogue, who must pick five for the Girls category. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but it should be tense. Check back with us tomorrow to find out who Dannii chose! Until then, let us know what you think about the judges’ choices in the comments!

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