‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off to start as prequel then ‘catch up’ says creator

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman revealed at SXSW on Saturday some details about the upcoming spin-off to the hit show on AMC.

At the “Creative Activism” panel, Kirkman said: “It’s not going to relate to the comics at all. From the beginning of the show one thing we’ve heard is, ‘What’s going on over here or there.’ So the intent of the new show is to expand that world and show another corner of the United States and what’s happening there. The timeline is taking place a little bit earlier than the original show. Rick Grimes woke up from a coma and was like, ‘Oh, man, zombies, weird!’ We’re going to possibly see that unfold a little more in the other show. But I wouldn’t call it ‘prequel’ because the entirety of the show is not going take place before [The Walking Dead]. It will eventually form a path running concurrently.” 

Very interesting! So basically, they might explain how the zombie apocalypse happened, then show what is happening on the West Coast where the spin-off will be based, after it hits.

I don’t think they will ever explain how zombie apocalypse happened though. I think they will just show what happens when it hits, something lacking in the current series. Also, when the timelines are “concurrent,” it’s time for some crossovers ala-Arrow and Flash on the CW. Exciting!

The still untitled show has already been ordered for two seasons by AMC.

Via EW

'The Walking Dead' spin-off to start as prequel then 'catch up' says creator

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