‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek: Sasha Goes Hunting In ‘Forget’ (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead has brought Rick and co. to the Alexandria Safe Zone, a paradise that seems almost too good to be true. It’s heavily fortified, fully stocked, and spacious enough that everyone gets a house. But while last night’s episode explored how Rick’s group is adjusting to suddenly having safety, comfort, and luxury, next week’s episode, titled “Forget,” looks to dig into how the group is actually fitting into this community.

Look no further than Sasha, who seems to be having a bit of a hard time wrapping her head around how lackadaisical Olivia, the woman in charge of Alexandria’s armory, is being. With all her talk of prosciutto and other smoked meats, it’s almost like she doesn’t realize they live in a world overrun by walkers. It’s a brief look into the contrasting mindsets of people in this world, as one is battle-hardened while the other seems blissfully naive about just how difficult it is out there.

It’s an interesting little preview scene, and you can check out the full sneak peek for “Forget” below:

'The Walking Dead' Sneak Peek Sasha Goes Hunting In 'Forget' (VIDEO)

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