‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6B Premiere: Watch the First Four Minutes Now! (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night with its midseason premiere, and AMC is getting ahead of the hype by releasing the first four minutes of the Season 6B premiere, “No Way Out”!

The preview features an interesting encountering as Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham continue their return trip to Alexandria. They encounter an ominous group of bikers working on behalf of the vicious Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and while the group starts out just having a conversation, things quickly escalate to hostage-taking and, possibly, murder. This really sets the tone for how crazy 6B has the potential to be, since it certainly looks like no one is safe. Granted, it’s something that’s been repeated in the past, ad nauseum. But I’d really be shocked if we didn’t lose a core member of the cast this year, whether it’s Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Maggie or even Morgan. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Until then, watch the first four minutes of The Walking Dead Season 6B premiere below:

'The Walking Dead' Season 6B Premiere Watch the First Four Minutes Now (VIDEO)

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And for more on The Walking Dead, watch the midseason trailer to see what you can expect in the episodes to come!

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