‘The Voice’ Winner Sawyer Fredericks Releases New Single ‘4 Pockets’

“The Voice” winner Sawyer Fredericks has released his new single “4 Pockets.” This is so good!

Sawyer’s new album “A Good Storm” comes out on May 13.

Sawyer told Yahoo on the release of the song: “I wrote this song when I was 14, and it had a kind of haunting sound. It’s evolved as I performed it over the years, and now it has a groove that makes it a favorite at my shows. It was so great to finally flesh it out with a full band.”

The full track list of “A Good Storm”:

1. Take It All

2. This Fire

3. Lovers Still Alone

4. Stranger feat. Mia Z

5. Shots Fired

6. Still Here

7. A Good Storm

8. Not Coming Home

9. What I’ve Done

10. 4 Pockets (Original Mix)

11. 4 Pockets (Pharrell Williams Mix)

You can pre-order at

Press play to listen to “4 Pockets” below.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

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