‘The Voice’ Winner Sawyer Fredericks Parts With Republic Records

The Voice winner Sawyer Fredericks is coming into 2017 as a newly independent artist, as the Season 8 champ announced on Twitter that he has parted ways with Republic Records and Mick Management.

However, Sawyer made a point of noting that this isn’t really a sad occasion. The split was apparently mutual, and Sawyer is already looking forward to his first album as an independent artist. He also doesn’t plan to stop touring any time soon, so I suppose not a whole lot has changed for the young singer. You can read his statement below:

“Hey #TeamSawyer! Some of the you have noticed and I’m no longer listed with Republic Records and Mick Management. Yes–I am now an independent artist and looking forward to 2017, working on releasing an independent album and continuing to tour! The parting of ways was an amicable and mutual decision. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned from RR and all the continuing support from Mick. I know I’m in good hands with mom taking over managing my career. And with all of your devoted and enthusiastic support, 2017 is full of potential for artistic freedom and growth! I hope you join me.”

Sawyer feels like the kind of artist who should have been bigger than he has been so far. For what it’s worth, I consider him one of the best winners The Voice has had, and his victory single was one of the best the show ever released. With that said, it’s not exactly news that many winners of The Voice tend to have a hard time breaking through after the show. Perhaps it’s due to how the show is structured to be a showcase for the coaches more than the artists. At least, that’s how it’s always felt, to me. There have been some success stories to come from the show, like Jordan Smith and Cassadee Pope, but those successes feel like they’re in spite of the show rather than because of it.

Ultimately, I wish the best for Sawyer, no matter what comes next. The man has heaps of talent, and I’m looking forward to whatever else he puts out in the future.

'The Voice' Winner Sawyer Fredericks Parts With Republic Records

Source: YouTube

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