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‘The Voice’ Will Eliminate Five Singers on Dec. 8 Results Show

In one of the biggest format changes the show has ever gone through, it has been announced that The Voice will be tweaking eliminations this season for the live shows.

In past seasons, two singers would go home every week (with an occasional single or triple elimination along the way) until we were left with the final three/four finalists to compete in the finale. However, this season will see just one singer go home every week — that is, until the Dec. 8 semifinal results show, in which five singers will be eliminated.

In essence, the show will leap from nine singers to four, making this the largest semifinals in Voice history, and also the biggest elimination in the post-Top 12 rounds. It goes like this: Next week, the Top 11 perform and one singer is eliminated. The following week, the Top 10 compete, and one more singer is eliminated. That then brings us to the fourth live show, as the Top 9 compete, and the final four are revealed.

'The Voice' Will Eliminate Five Singers on Dec. 8 Results Show

Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC

So it’s looking like it’s going to be an absolute slaughter. On the one hand, I kind of like the idea of only getting rid of one performer per week, but only if that also meant an extended season. One of this show’s biggest problems has always been that the live show portion is way too short. Honestly, with American Idol leaving the airwaves, I’d seriously consider reducing The Voice to one season per year and putting it in Idol’s old January-May spot, extending the live shows so that we’re not going through double, triple, quadruple, and now QUINTUPLE eliminations after spending too much time on the Blinds, Battles and Knockouts. Granted, the quality of television that’ll make depends largely on the finalists who get through. And while I generally like the contestants this season, I think there’s more cannon fodder than usual among these contestants, so I’m not sure this was really the season to try the single elimination approach. I’m also somewhat concerned that eliminating five people at once could lead to some freak results, like Jordan or Jeffery going home. You can never be sure how voting is going to play out with that many people on the chopping block.

But what do you think of the new elimination format? Sound off in the comments!

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