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The Voice Results: Who Won The Voice 9? – 12/15/2015

The Voice results tonight for Tuesday, December 15, 2015. Who won The Voice Season 9? The winner was revealed after a star-studded two-hour finale.

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 9 Finale! Tonight, we declare a winner for Season 9, as it all comes down to Team Adam’s Jordan Smith, Team Gwen’s Jeffery Austin, and Team Blake’s Barrett Baber and Emily Ann Roberts! In addition, we have performances from Usher, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Coldplay, Missy Elliott, Tori Kelly, Sam Hunt, Ricky Scaggs, Wynonna Judd, your Season 9 finalists and more! It just might be the biggest Voice finale ever!

Last night’s finale performance show was an interesting mix of show-stopping performances, holiday numbers, and hit-or-miss duets. It was a decent show, for the most part, and each finalist had at least one victory-worthy performance (Barrett’s “Die a Happy Man”, Emily Ann’s “Burning House”, Jeffery’s “Stay” and Jordan’s “Mary Did You Know”). So this is likely to be a tight race, albeit probably not as tight as non-Jordan fans would like: according to the official iTunes charts, Jordan Smith not only topped the iTunes singles chart for a second straight week, every single one of his singles from last night charted in the Top 10, a feat no other artist can claim. So Jordan is certainly the frontrunner for the win, although nothing is certain. This time last year, Matt McAndrew outsold his fellow finalists on iTunes but still lost the season to Craig Wayne Boyd, so anything is possible.

But what do our readers think? readers predict that Jordan Smith will win. Team Adam’s sole remaining singer earned 44.97% of the vote in our poll, beating out Emily Ann Roberts (35.78%), Barrett Baber (11.41%), and predicted fourth-place finisher Jeffery Austin (7.84%). But it’s not too late to vote in the poll, so head on over and add your predictions!

And keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

The Voice Results Who Won The Voice 9 - 12152015

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Let’s get this show on the road!


9:00 PM: So we open the show with introductions, as Carson Daly welcomes the coaches and then gives us a rundown of the massive talent pool that’s here. He then throws to the Top 24 for our first performance of the night. Unfortunately, it’s Top 23 since Ellie Lawrence couldn’t be with us due to an undisclosed personal matter. I hope she’s okay.


9:02 PM: The finalists sing “Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ, a song I actively and vividly hate. And having a bunch of singers I like performing it doesn’t really change that. Observations: Mark Hood almost makes this sound like a gospel song when he does this, and while that’s cool, those runs are kind of too much; Riley Biederer is back with her Incredible Shrinking Hemline; I missed Ivonne Acero so very much; Evan McKeel really should have sang something modern when he had the chance. Aaaand yeah, that’s about all I got. This was a mess of a song choice, but at least it’s out of the way now.


9:13 PM: Barrett has chosen to bring back Zach Seabaugh for his return performance of the Randy Travis classic, “Forever and Ever Amen”. Wait, so they only get to bring back ONE person now? What happened to bringing back, like, five? I mean, the other finalists are already there, so it can’t be about trying to save money on an appearance fee. Anyway, Barrett talks about how much he loves Zach, comparing him to a little brother, and noting how great it was to see him grow up on the show. Dude, it’s been six weeks!

I actually liked this a fair sight better than any of the Team Blake duets last night. I’m starting to think if “pick a contestant to bring back for a duet” song is going to become a thing, it should be bumped to the performance finale. I would argue this was the best Zach sang the entire season. His rich tone really came out beautifully here, and he and Zach looked like they were having a real blast. I dug this.


9:14 PM: Coldplay performs “Adventure of a Lifetime”, and adopt the same psychadelic, tie-dyed color scheme they used for their performance of this song on The X Factor UK finale this past weekend. Not really a complaint, just an observation. This is a song that works pretty well live, although I’m not sure how well it’ll work at the Super Bowl. That said, if they bring out the gorillas there like they did here, then I could see Left Gorilla becoming the new Left Shark. Well, provided the gorilla on the left does something crazy. And if you’ve ever met a gorilla, you know that’s a possibility.

9:19: We then get a video package about Blake being the Country Godfather. This was surprisingly hilarious, but maybe that’s because I love The Godfather, and I’m a sucker for a good Godfather parody. Blake talking about the “Country Mafia” and then promising to make Adam an offer he can’t refuse in order to get Shelby Brown out of having to sing “Moves Like Jagger” is great. Zach also does a great spit-take when asked about the existence of the “Country Mafia”. The whole thing culminates in an appearance from Dolly Parton as the Country Godmother. This was great. No, seriously.


9:23 PM: Our first supergroup performance of the night features an R&B/Gospel/Soul quintet featuring Celeste Betton, Darius Scott, Nadjah Nicole, Mark Hood and Regina Love, and it boasts some absolutely tremendous vocals. But that’s no big surprise, considering the talent pool here. Granted, I think I’m actually more fatigued from all the gospel/soul singers each season than the country singers, and a performance like this basically illustrated why. These singers sound amazing, but it’s just too over-the-top. And hearing it on a weekly basis is kind of exhausting. I get that it’s a weird critique to have, since these are amazing singers and amazing people (seriously, I love Regina, no pun intended), but I don’t know that this genre is ever going to be my cup of tea. So while I can appreciate how good this was, I still didn’t love it.

9:30 PM: We get a video package dedicated to how often Gwen cries, with comments from the other coaches (Adam and Blake will never cry; Pharrell loves how Gwen wears her heart on her sleeve) as well as the other contestants, each of whom wish their respective coach cried for them like Gwen does for her artists. I actually thought Adam was close to getting choked up last night at points, particularly during the critique of Jordan’s final performance of the night.


9:32 PM: Ricky Scaggs performs his new single alongside Emily Ann Roberts, and I thought Emily Ann more than held her own against the frenetic pace of the song, and Ricky’s wild musicianship. Seriously, I can’t pretend I’m familiar with Ricky Scaggs, but the guy is clearly a legend for a reason. The look of sheer amusement on Adam’s face to see Ricky, and his world-class band, wail on their instruments was amazing. I was actually a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I do wish Emily Ann could have gotten a proper solo with her instrument like everyone else got, but her voice is her best instrument, all things considered.


9:40 PM: Jeffery is bringing back Madi to sing Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry On Their Own”, and now I’m mad these contestant duets aren’t part of the performance finale, because it means I can’t buy a studio version of this duet. (Come on, you KNOW it’s gonna rule) Jeffery talks about how much he loves Madi’s voice, and how she knows more about artistry at 16 than he does at 24. It’s a really sweet video package that illustrates the depth of their friendship.

Naturally, this performance is great. My only complaint is that Madi and Jeffery get drowned out by the band at certain points. But I loved this more than ANY coach duet from last night. This was a combination of a great song choice, and two great singers, just having a jam session together. It felt like cameras just happened to be there to catch this, and we all got to watch it. Their voices blended together so beautifully.


9:47 PM: Man, this year really helped me to realize how much I missed Missy Elliott. Her music is an inner ear infection, and I mean that in the best way a person ever could. Can I just shout out how great the set is though? This recreation of a NYC subway is fantastic. And the dancers are seriously great. It’s almost enough to distract from how lip-synced this entire performance is. This isn’t Missy’s best song, but it’s still got that kinetic rhythm to it, to where I can’t help moving in my seat. Those infectious beats, man! Missy is still on-point.

9:51 PM: We get a video package of the coaches talking about what it would mean for their contestant to win The Voice, while the contestants themselves talk about what winning would mean for them. I thought it was touching to hear how Jordan would view a victory as affirmation that you don’t have to fit into a mold to be a winner. I was similarly moved by how deeply Blake is rooting for his contestants, stating he’d be proud to see either of them win. Not many coaches are that good at maintaining objectivity. This was a cool little video package, honestly.


9:54 PM Jordan and Usher sing “Without You”, and while I wouldn’t say their voices necessarily blend together, I love the individual verses. This is basically the best battle round of the season. I think Usher might advance to the Knockouts, you guys! Seriously though, I love seeing the other coaches get into it. Gwen and Adam look like they’re having the time of their lives, just watching these two singers try and outdo each other up there. This was such an awesome duet, and I really hope somebody steals the loser.

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10:02 PM: Sam sings his new single, “Break Up In A Small Town”, and…I have no idea what the hell this is. Is it country? Is it Drake by way of Georgia? He’s rapping and singing, but not particularly doing either one all that well. He clearly CAN sing, as he actually sounds pretty good towards the end. But he spends 70% of this song being barely audible. I don’t know if he has poor breath control, if he couldn’t hear himself, or if there were issues with the microphone. I’m actually really digging this song, but this live performance is a mess.

10:06 PM: So the finalists go on a scavenger hunt with clues related to the finalists’ performances on the show. This is all a build-up to giving them some new Nissan cars. Barrett takes the Maxima, Emily Ann takes the Rogue, and the Murano and Optima are split between Jeffery and Jordan, respectively. Enjoy the taxes!


10:10 PM: When I first saw Tori Kelly on YouTube years ago, I found myself wishing she’d try out for this show. Turns out, she made it to a Voice finale anyway, and without being saddled with whatever crummy contract prevents anyone from actually being a breakout success after this show. Anyway, this duet is exactly as good as you’d expect it to be. Jeffery’s vocals are powerful and raw, while Tori’s are as effortless as they’ve ever been. This is also a really well-written pop song. I hope this track becomes as big a hit as it should.

WATCH AND DISCUSS: Tori Kelly and Jeffery Austin sing ‘Hollow’ on The Voice (VIDEO)


10:16 PM: I think Barrett and Wynnona blend well here, and this is exactly the type of song that allows Barrett to be a showman. And he does a hell of a job with it. I think this is actually the type of song Barrett should have been given during the competition, since I think his fanbase would have eaten this right up. But hey, he’s in the finale anyway, so I guess it didn’t matter. Wynnona, bless her heart, sings herself hoarse here. But then, a lot of people would go hoarse trying to keep up with Barrett.

10:20 PM ET: We get a video of the coaches going go-karting. I have no idea why. But seeing Blake put a cowboy hat on top of his helmet almost makes this worth it. Adam sneaks past “Short Shift Shelton” to take first place. Pharrell presents Adam with the trophy, and a jealous Blake declares, “This is as dumb as soccer.” And just like that, Blake loses all his European fans.


10:23 PM: You know, with a sillier hairstyle, Mark Hood could pass for a relative of The Weeknd. Why do I bring that up? Because there’s absolutely nothing to talk about here other than how good this vocal was, which is a surprise to absolutely no one. That vocal on “Earned It” alone is among the best pure vocals of the night so far. And considering what we’ve heard so far, that’s really saying something.


10:29 PM: Jordan talks about why he brought back each artist, and he declares that Regina Love is his “spirit animal”, while saying he brought back Mark so he could liven things up with his unique stage presence. He also had many glowing things to say about Korin, Evan, and the wifey, Amy. There’s no reason this performance shouldn’t be vocally spectacular.

And hey, whaddya know? It IS. That said, I absolutely hate this song choice. Sure, they sing the hell out of it, but it just offers the band another opportunity to drown everyone out. It doesn’t help that everyone is in their own universe, doing all these crazy runs, only some of which are audible over Jordan’s sustained falsetto notes. Again, sounds great, but it’s almost like a boiling pot bubbling over with water. It was too much, at times.

10:36 PM: Back from break, as Carson announces that Gwen is currently on outfit No. 4. Because of course.


10:38 PM: Emily Ann is absolutely stoked to bring back her favorite girls. Emily praises each of the girls she’s bringing back, noting — among other things — that Morgan was like a big sister to her and Shelby was one of the first friends she made on the show. They’ll be singing “Summer Nights” by Rascal Flatts (I was secretly hoping it’d be the Grease song). This is a breezy and fun little performance. You know, I think this could make a pretty great country girl group. I’m not even kidding about that. I think these girls could have something special. I’ve said in the past that I’m all about The Voice gradually morphing into The X Factor (i.e., ditching the Instant Save and having the coaches vote on whom to send home out of the Bottom 2), but in this case, I really wish the coaches could make groups out of eliminated contestants like The X Factor does. Ah well.

10:45 PM: We got to the Adam-centric video package this time, in which we see Adam living up to the crazy promises he’s made over the course of the season. I got a chuckle out of seeing him dance until the cows came home. I bet Shelby is still waiting on a real giraffe though.


10:48 PM: Justin sits at his piano and sings a really cool, mellow version of “Sorry”. Granted, he’s not trying to hit any of the falsetto notes in the chorus, but I feel like he’s probably saving his voice for when the song inevitably picks up tempo. And yup, the tempo picks up right on cue, as the dancers come out after Justin motions for the crowd to make some noise. I can’t lie, I love this song. And while those missing falsetto notes were glaring, I still thought Justin sang really well here, especially for a track that called for him to be moving all around the stage like that. Dude could have easily just lip-synced after the piano portion, but he went live the whole way through. Props to him for that.


10:55 PM: It’s time to find out the winner! Carson reads the results…





Jordan Smith Wins The Voice

10:59 PM: Jordan’s family rushes the stage and embraces him, and he seems genuinely choked with emotion. I mean, he did break down upon winning. For his coronation performance, he sings “Climb Every Mountain”. During the high notes, Pharrell just stands beside him with his hand on Jordan’s shoulder, beaming with pride. And for a second, I forgot whose act Jordan was. This was a beautiful moment, and it was genuinely touching to see Jordan win. It was an obvious result, but the right one, in my opinion.

But what did you think of the finale? Did the right artist win? Sound off in the comments!

Thank you so much for joining us! None of this is even remotely possible without your readership, shares, retweets, comments and support! Seriously, we love you all! See you for American Idol (and for The Voice 10 next season)!


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