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The Voice Results: Top 5 Revealed after First Single Elimination This Season (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 8 Live Results! The Top 6 competed in a pretty tight night of performances, as the Live Top 6 Performance Show gave us a few moments that could qualify as the true moments of the season, with each contestant having at least one knockout performance (well, in my opinion, anyway). Voice vets Avery Wilson, Vicci Martinez, Jacquie Lee, and Craig Wayne Boyd are on-hand tonight to perform, while Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton stand with their acts as the results of America’s vote is in! Who will be the Bottom 3? And who will get the Twitter Save?

For the first time this season, only one singer will be eliminated by America’s vote. Judging by the latest iTunes download numbers, it’s not looking like it’s going to be Sawyer Fredericks or Meghan Linsey, as Team Pharrell’s folk singer charted at #3 and #10, while Team Blake’s country rocker charted at #5.

But who do our readers think is at risk? readers predict that the end has come for Team Christina’s India Carney, who polled with 32.06% of the vote. However, her fellow teammate Kimberly Nichole is VERY close behind with 30.72% of the vote. That’s a difference of just 31 votes! Meanwhile, Team Adam’s Joshua Davis is expected to round out the Bottom 3, with 19% of the vote. But it’s not too late to add your prediction, so head on over and vote!

Let’s get this show on the road!

The Voice Results Top 5 Revealed after First Single Elimination This Season (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC


-We open as Carson reveals the iTunes stats, while also explaining that it will actually be the BOTTOM TWO competing for the Instant Save. Makes sense. No sense in putting three people there when there are only six people left anyway.


-Jacquie Lee kicks us off with a performance of her new single, “Tears Fall”. The vocal is mostly all over the place, but she’s grown as an onstage performer by leaps and bounds. Seriously, I’m impressed by how she’s interacting with the band and trying to make the song connect with the audience. No dead eyes, no motionless standing. She feels like a real artist now, someone who could feasibly go mainstream. If nothing else, the song sounds radio-ready, and very age-appropriate, even if I don’t particularly love the track itself. After the performance, she talks about having been on tour with Shawn Mendes, while also juggling school work since she’s still a senior. I keep forgetting how young she was when she competed.


-The contestants are out, but before the results, Carson asks if there’s anything Kimberly Nichole wants to say to Christina, for some reason. Kimberly tells Christina she’s one of the most amazing artists she’s ever met, and a ton of other superlatives. I don’t get the point, but better this than Sprint Skybox filler.

Carson reveals the first result. From Team Pharrell…SAWYER FREDERICKS IS SAFE!

-No surprise whatsoever there. I’m still convinced this show reads results in actual voting order, or very close to it.

-Back from break, as Carson is here with Clive Davis, who has bailed on Idol in favor of The Voice. He’s here to introduce Season 3 finalist, Avery Brooks. He says Avery’s voice took his breath away, noting that he has “jaw-dropping star power” and talent that reminds him of Whitney Houston. Granted, he’s reading this all from a teleprompter, so it sounds decidedly less than genuine, but I do like the idea of The Voice finally having a star they can point at and say, “Yeah, we did that.” Yeah, there are some, but nobody at the level of any of the stars Idol has produced. Not even close. I mean, I’m not trying to start a war (I just wanted you to let me in! But seriously…), but at some point, The Voice has to look in the mirror and realize that part of the reason the show doesn’t really make stars is because they’re so damn focused on the coaches, far more so than the contestants. Also, two seasons a year means contestants and seasons just sort of blur together, so that we forget about people far quicker than we do on other talent shows. The Voice is still a ratings powerhouse for NBC, but not as much as it used to be, and I think part of it is the same issue Idol is having — audiences feel like no one they’re watching is ever going to amount to anything, rendering the whole confetti shower largely pointless.


-Avery is here to sing his single, “If I Have To,” and he starts off at the piano. He sounds terrific, and throws in some dance moves, showing a performance skill that not a whole lot of contestants have shown on the stage. Seriously, I wish more people would really move while up there. That said, the runs are kind of killing the song for me, even though they’re kind of the point of the chorus, apparently. A good performance from Avery, but I don’t know if this is the sort of first impression that’s going to launch him. But you never know, I guess. After the performance, Avery notes what an honor it is to be signed by Clive Davis, and getting to be a part of his legacy.


This time, Carson asks Koryn if she wants to say something to Pharrell. She notes how his mentoring has given her something she can carry with her for the rest of her life, among other sweet things that seem to genuinely touch Pharrell. I love their mentor-student relationship so much.

Carson reveals the second result. From Team Blake…MEGHAN LINSEY IS SAFE!

-Each week, these results do absolutely nothing to dissuade me from the “Vote Order” theory of how the results are read. The positive here, however, is that we get all the foregone conclusions out of the way. If they only had one more spot left in the Top 5, and Sawyer had still yet to be announced as safe, there’d be no suspense whatsoever. But at least here, there’s genuine drama as the results continue.


-The season one finalist sings her single, “Bad News Breaker”, and yeah — I hate this song. Vicci is still a good performer, and I get an immense amount of amusement out of her taking out her mic pack and swinging it around in front of the audience. She also plays the hell out of the drums midway through the song, creating a cool visual with the fans in the pit, who are shaking glow sticks in rhythm with her. Still, this is a terrible song. I could see it as an album filler track, but not as a single. I like Vicci but this did nothing for me. After the performance, Vicci talks about her self-released album, I Am Vicci Martinez, saying it just came out on iTunes. She then says The Voice treats them all like artists, and thanks the show for promoting her art. You know, if they’d done that back in the first season, you probably wouldn’t have had to self-release in the first place.


-Carson now asks Joshua if he has anything to say to his coach, so Joshua tells Adam how much his mentoring has helped him.

We then get the next result. From Team Pharrell…KORYN HAWTHORNE IS SAFE!

-Pharrell embraces Koryn, as I’m genuinely surprised that all of Team Pharrell is safe. I thought one of either Kimberly or India would be next to be saved. For her part, Kimberly seems super annoyed to still be at risk. After last night, it’s hard for me to blame her. She had a far better night than Koryn, but I think people find her harder to connect to. And Koryn is just so damn likable that it’s hard not to root for her. I still don’t think Kimberly is going home tonight, but I do think she might end up having to sing for the Instant Save.

-Back from break with the cast of Entourage, who are here to promote the big screen version. I literally couldn’t POSSIBLY care less about this. Okay, maybe if you paid me to care, and even then, it’d only just be a shade above tolerance. But while my tolerance is for sale, my love most certainly isn’t.


-Craig performs his new single, “I’m Still Here”, and I’m wondering if Christina could pull a few strings and get him a guest-starring role on Nashville. If nothing else, that would put him on-screen with an Avery I actually recognize, unlike tonight. Of the past finalists premiering singles on tonight’s show, Craig wins this one pretty much by default. It sounds like it could be a country radio hit, the type of ballad that recalls Tim McGraw’s best. And he sings it well, to boot. I also love the theater exterior backdrop. Very cool stuff. After the performance, Craig reveals that single tied Garth Brooks’s country record upon debuting at No. 1, which…okay, yeah, that’s pretty awesome for Craig. He notes that he actually wrote that song while on the show, and that it was inspired by his time on The Voice. Now I kind of want to listen to it again with that in mind.


-Carson asks India about Christina, and really, all of these responses are starting to blur together for me, as sweet as they are.

Carson reveals the fourth result. From Team Adam…JOSHUA DAVIS IS SAFE!


-Well, this certainly sucks for Christina. More so for India and Kimberly, but still…


-India is up first, singing “Perfect” by Pink, a song I desperately wish people would stop singing on shows like these (right up there with “Dream On”, “Try”, “I Believe I Can Fly”, “My Heart Will Go On”, “Endless Love” and “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” the latter of which I thankfully haven’t heard in a long-ass time. But beyond the song choice, India just doesn’t perform it up to her usual standards. It’s a good performance, but it’s far from what I’d have expected from her. After the performance, Adam notes that India was one of their favorites since the start, and says that she should hold her head high, no matter what the result. Christina praises India for digging deep and finding the fire and passion she needs to fight on. She feels India has grown a lot from where she started. She tells America to “vote vote vote” for India, and while I can understand that she’s supposed to be saying so, it’s always awkward when a coach says that but still has another artist left to sing for his/her life.

-Kimberly is up next with “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, and I suppose it probably says a lot about Kimberly’s style that this is probably her most subdued performance since the live shows began. She mostly just sings it — and yet, that simple performance has a veritable UNIVERSE of swag contained within it. She has this subtle dance moves that are more just poses, but they’re all so badass. I love India and all, but I just have to throw my weight behind Kimberly on this one. After the performance, Pharrell wishes Jack White could hear Kimberly sing that, and adds that Kimberly is meant for this. Christina notes how proud she is to see Kimberly continuing to bring it, and refusing to go quietly. She says that it has been an incredible experience watching Kimberly on this show.

And now it’s time! #VoiceSaveIndia or #VoiceSaveKimberly. The realtime results on the screen show that it’s mostly 51% to 49% in favor of Jimberly. In fact, it goes damn near through the entire commercial break without changing.

-Back from break, and it’s LITERALLY 50-50! This is madness! India and Kimberly are fighting back tears as they give their thanks to their coach Christina. For her part, Christina looks like she’s struggling with emotions herself. Christina says that no matter which artist is saved, it’ll be a mixture of happiness and sadness. Same here, since I’ll miss either artist, although I imagine it’ll feel far worse for Christina. This really looked like it was going to be her season. But now, it’s Pharrell’s to lose. Ah well, as long as it’s a new coach winning, for once.


-Carson reveals the final result as India and Kimberly hold one another…



-India’s reaction says it ALL! I’ve seriously never seen someone freak out like that to be declared safe before. Such a genuine reaction. That said, I feel like it might have been a bit of a fluke here. I don’t know how much it factored into the result, but I saw a lot of people on my feed tweeting #VoiceSaveKim, which wouldn’t count. It was #VoiceSaveKimberly. Ah well, either way, unless they pull a rabbit out of their hat, India and Christina are only getting one more week anyway. Should be interesting to see them try though. Seeing their backs against the wall should produce some real ferocity. As for Kimberly, I wish her all possible success for the future. I’m going to miss her.

But what did you think of tonight’s result? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, thank you for reading and for hanging out!

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