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The Voice Results: Top 10 Revealed After Bottom 2 Elimination (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 8 Live Results! The Top 12 delivered in a big way last night with the Live Top 12 Performance Show, resulting in some of the best performances of the season so far! Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton stand with their acts as the results of America’s vote is in! Who will be the Bottom 3? And who will get the Twitter Save?

Considering the iTunes download numbers, it’s unlikely to be Sawyer Fredericks, Kimberly Nichole, or Meghan Linsey, as those three artists scored the highest on the singles chart, each landing in the Top 10.

But who do our readers think is at risk? readers predict that it’s curtains for Team Adam’s Brian Johnson, who scored 35.76% of the vote. As for tonight’s second eliminated contestant, our readers weren’t as conclusive, as Team Blake’s Hannah Kirby and Team Adam’s Deanna Johnson TIED with 12.98% of the vote. It’s not too late to add your prediction so head on over and vote!

Let’s get this show on the road!

The Voice Results Top 10 Revealed After Bottom 2 Elimination (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC


-I’m actually surprised by how fast we get into things tonight, as we don’t get a lot of superfluous speeches from the coaches. We kick it off with music…


-Nick sings “Chains,” and I’m sorry, but I LOVE this song. Actually, I’m not sorry at all. Nick has seriously stepped his game up with his singles this past year. The production is a over the top, but in a way I enjoy, with his dancers dressed as a riot squad, complete with shields. The smoke machine is a bit much, since it’s not only loud, it’s producing more smoke than a college fraternity. But Nick sounds good here, even managing to hit the high notes on “But the chains only break me.” Overall, a good start to the show.

WATCH: Nick Jonas sings ‘Chains’ on The Voice (VIDEO)

-Back from break, as the coaches reveal their mentors for next week. Adam will be working with Eurythmics star Dave Stewart, while Pharrell will be teaming up with Ryan Tedder. Christina will be working with Mark Ronson, and Blake will be teaming with producer Scott Hendricks. Well, it’s not exactly a star-packed lineup, but at least it’s four people who really know their stuff. Not that the show ever runs into a problem of getting clueless people to mentor, but it helps to know that these are people with resumes that speak for themselves.


-Carson really isn’t wasting any time tonight.

The first saved artist is from Team Christina…KIMBERLY NICHOLE IS SAFE!

The second saved artist is from Team Pharrell…SAWYER FREDERICKS IS SAFE!

The third saved artist is from Team Blake…MEGHAN LINSEY IS SAFE!

-Well, it’s good that they got the Top iTunes performers out of the way quick. There’d be absolutely no suspense if they saved it for the end of the show and tried to convince us that, say, Sawyer was in trouble, when we knew for damn sure that wasn’t going to be the case. I still think the show follows pretty closely to voting order. Maybe not exactly, but I do think the top vote-getters tend to be sent to safety first.


-Corey Kent White, Hannah Kirby, Meghan Linsey and coach Blake Shelton sing “In the Midnight Hour” by Wilson Pickett. It’s not a revolutionary performance, but I will say this might be the best Hannah has ever sounded. However, we run into a CRAZY spot in the middle of the song, as somebody forgets their lyrics or misses their cue, causing the camera to awkwardly jerk around as they try and figure out who they’re supposed to be focused on. Blake picks up the slack, and I’m not sure if he’s covering for his artist, or if he’s the one who slipped up. I do know Meghan looks like grim death for the rest of the performance, like she’s silently chiding herself for something, so maybe it was her? The camera did volley back and forth between she and Corey, like it was supposed to be one of them on that next verse. Either way, I’m making mountains out of molehills here, since this was still a mostly enjoyable performance. I doubt anyone is really going to remember this anyway.


-Carson brings out the remaining artists…

The fourth saved artist is from Team Adam…JOSHUA DAVIS IS SAFE!

The fifth saved artist is from Team Christina…INDIA CARNEY IS SAFE!

The sixth saved artist is from Team Blake…HANNAH KIRBY IS SAFE!

-WOW! The Hannah save surprised me. It seemed to surprise her too (and disappoint Corey somewhat). I’m guessing Adam is going to lose his Johnsons. Yes, I know how dirty that sounded. I apologize for nothing.


-India Carney, Kimberly Nichole, Rob Taylor and coach Christina Aguilera sing “Hotel California” by the Eagles, for reasons I can’t possibly fathom, unless they let Blake pick all the songs tonight. Seriously, I can’t think of a song I’d have expected less from these four than this one. That said, they do sound great, particularly when harmonizing. It makes me think Kimberly has a future in classic rock, between this and “House of the Rising Sun” last night. In fact, the whole team should probably try classic rock more often. Rob delivers a flawless vocal, while Christina and India just tackle their parts effortlessly. Of course, there’s yet ANOTHER mess-up here, as the audio drops out for some reason. GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER, AUDIO TEAM! The Voice seriously has one of the worst tech crews on live TV at the moment. But whatever, I still enjoyed this performance, particularly the dude with the double-guitar. Badass.


-We get a behind-the-scenes featurette on the finalists. Corey has one year of school left, and he’s determined to finish no matter what, Sawyer got his first hat with the $20 he made from an open mic night, Kimberly says Rob is like her little brother, and Meghan encourages little girls to embrace who they are and feel comfortable in their own skin. Lastly, Koryn says the entire crew is like a family. It’s a cute featurette, but it’s the very definition of filler. Still, I like getting to know these contestants more.


-The contestants are out, and poor Deanna looks like someone just ran over her cat. Such sadness in her eyes.

The seventh artist saved is from Team Pharrell…KORYN HAWTHORNE IS SAFE!

The eighth artist saved is from Team Christina…ROB TAYLOR IS SAFE! ALL OF TEAM CHRISTINA ADVANCES!

The ninth artist saved is from Team Blake…COREY KENT WHITE IS SAFE! ALL OF TEAM BLAKE ADVANCES!


Bottom 3 The Voice

-Carson asks for thoughts from the coaches. Pharrell says Mia is in the #1, #2, and #3 slots on the Blues charts right now, and he thinks America should get to hear her more, calling her a “superpower”. Adam says he’s had two in the Bottom 3 before, shouting out Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons by name (and indirectly calling to mind his “I hate this country” comment that got everyone’s pantaloons in a twist), so he notes that it’s hard to say to vote for one or the other artist. He simply wishes both of his artists luck. I like Adam and frequently root for him, but this is a situation where it’d be ridiculous if anyone else BUT his two artists went home.


Mia Z Save Me Song

-Mia Z is up first, singing the blues standard “Stormy Monday”. It’s a really solid vocal, although I know see what Reba was talking about last night when she noted that Mia has a serious issue with enunciation. I could hardly understand a single blessed word this kid was saying here. Still, I think if she’s one of the two people going home, that’d be downright CRIMINAL. After the performance, Pharrell pleads with America to support different kinds of music, feeling she’s special and different, and feeling that blues is worth embracing. I wholeheartedly agree with him on that score.

-Brian Johnson is up next, singing “Amazed” by Lonestar. It’s a good song choice for him, and he delivers a much stronger vocal here than he did last night. If this had been his song on last night’s show, he might have actually charted on iTunes. If nothing else, this is why artists should fight for their own say with their coaches, like Koryn Hawthorne did last night, because song choice is likely why he’s here in the first place. The coaches give him a standing ovation, which I think is a bit much, but I did enjoy this. After the performance, Adam says he feels it’s crazy that Brian is singing for his life at all, and wishes him the best. I hate to say it, but you only have yourself to blame, Adam. Seriously, a Sting song? On week one? Or week ever?

-Deanna closes out with “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars and MY GOD, I CAN’T HANDLE HOW FRIGGING GORGEOUS THIS WOMAN IS. It’s literally melting my soul from the inside out. I can’t call this a great performance or anything, but it makes me realize that Adam may have done a disservice to her by not allowing her to sing something more radio-ready than what she did last night, since she does have potential. After the performance, Adam recalls Deanna’s story of not getting a single chair turn, to coming back and earning a spot on the team. He says her journey has been incredible, and what would make him happiest is if she could experience the joy of people believing in her.

-Carson explains that you vote on whom to save by tweeting either #VoiceSaveMia, #VoiceSaveBrian or #VoiceSaveDeanna. Get to it!

-The real-time results during commercials shows a dead heat, with Mia at 31%, and Brian and Deanna tied at 35%. This is bull. Is Brian really going to pull a Ryan Sill for the next three weeks?


-Back from break, and Mia seems to know it’s her, as her eyes look a bit red, as if she’s been fighting tears. Pharrell tells Mia he’s proud of her, while Adam says he’s proud of all of the contestants, because hundreds of thousands of people auditioned to be on the show and didn’t get anywhere near as far as they did. He loves winning, but thinks the little things that can be perceived as failures are really just steps on the staircase to the next thing in life. That was a wonderful speech.

The voting window is closed, and it’s time for the result! Carson reveals the recipient of the Instant Save…


BRIAN JOHNSON and MIA Z are eliminated from THE VOICE 8!

-Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, but Deanna’s reaction speaks volumes for how her confidence has been shaken, since she basically seemed prepared to go. I hate losing Mia, but I really can’t pretend like I’m mad about Deanna sticking around another week. Yes, I’m shallow. No, I don’t particularly care one way or the other.

But what do you think of tonight’s results? Did the right singers go home? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, thank you for reading and hanging out tonight! It’s been a total blast! I mean that.


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