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The Voice Results: Final Four Revealed After Last Instant Save of Season (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 8 Live Semi-Final Results! The Top 5 brought the fire in the Live Semi-Final Performance Show, as these singers fought tooth and nail for a spot in the finale! Seriously, I anticipated that it’d be close, but I wasn’t certain just how close it’d be, as each singer delivered at least one finale-worthy performance. One of the coaches could be knocked out of the competition tonight, as Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton each have one act left! Only Pharrell Williams is certain of a place in next week’s finale! But who will go home, and who will receive the last Instant Save of the season?

According to the iTunes charts this afternoon, Sawyer Fredericks and Meghan Linsey are pretty much guaranteed a place in the finale, as Sawyer landed at #2 and #3 on the singles chart, while Meghan landed at #5.

But who do our readers think is at risk? readers predict that it’s the end for Team Christina, as India Carney scored 39.08% of the vote. Predicted to join her in the Bottom 2 is Team Adam’s Joshua Davis, who earned 30.3% of the vote. If these predictions are right, then either Team Adam or Team Christina is guaranteed to be knocked out of the competition tonight! However, it’s not too late to add your prediction so head on over and vote!

The Voice Results Final Four Revealed After Last Instant Save of Season (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-Carson announces that Walk the Moon will be here to perform their new single, “Shut Up and Dance,” while we’ll be getting first-time performances from the trio of Koryn, India and Meghan, and a performance from the duo of Joshua and Sawyer. Also, Snoop Dogg will be here to perform with Pharrell. But first, we get a recap of last night’s performance show, which somehow manages to make it seem less impressive than it actually was. Seriously, so many clips of the coaches, and not enough of the actual, supposedly great performances that anchored last night. Anyway, we’re already moving on, as Walk the Moon is here. Yeah, I have no idea who they are either…


-Ohhhh okay, I know who they are now. “Shut Up and Dance” was been an obnoxiously omnipresent song on my local radio stations. This is the type of strange, American Authors-type pop-rock that’s becoming popular, despite not being particularly memorable. I dunno, I just find these “good times” songs so bland. The crowd seems to really enjoy it though, and the lead singer is having a really good time, to the extent that it’s almost infectious. He fights to prevent laughter from overtaking his vocal at certain points as he messes around with his bandmates. Overall, it was a fun performance. It’s just that the song didn’t really do anything for me.


-Carson asks Meghan about her journey so far, and it’s all a bunch of white noise right now. Just announce Sawyer is advancing already, Carson.

The first Season 8 finalist is from Team Pharrell…SAWYER FREDERICKS IS SAFE!

-Last to go, first to be called safe. Seriously, they could maybe try and mix it up and go in an order other than the vote order, but I don’t expect them to do that any more than I expect them to make Sawyer go first, second or third next week.

-We get a car commercial with Craig Wayne Boyd for reasons that basically equate to those lucrative ad dollars. I’m assuming Nissan pays well, at least. Either way, this is actually a sweet little video in which CWB surprises three of his biggest fans.

-Back from break with Carson explaining that iTunes downloads for the week will be applied to next week’s finale download totals. Well, since you can’t buy a song twice, this doesn’t help someone who’s supported their favorite by purchasing every track. I hope they put something new up there for these folks. And soon.


-Snoop Dogg performs his new single, “California Roll” featuring Pharrell. And, honestly, this is the most I’ve enjoyed a guest performer’s song in a while. This is a really smooth, chill song. It’s catchy, hip, and soulful. Granted, Snoop seems kind of anemic up there, especially compared to Pharrell’s really lively performance. But Snoop’s singing voice is surprisingly pleasant, except for an iffy low note towards the end. Still, this was a “good times” song I could get behind. After the performance, Carson has Snoop show off the artwork for the new album, Bush, on the back of his jacket. It’s a “lean and mean” 10 tracks totaling 41-minutes, and Snoop is proud of the album, saying it’s a dream to work with Pharrell again since he’s his “brother from another mother.” Pharrell, meanwhile, talks about why it was a pleasure to work with Snoop, saying that we need to “hold our heroes high.”


-It’s the first Voice confessional of the season: Sawyer has 20 cows, and he’s named them all. Christina thinks she’s 5’8″, but she’s really 5’2″. Joshua is really good with a yo-yo, and can also juggle (Blake can too!). Blake then “solves” a Rubik’s Cube through camera trickery, in a clever little moment. I’m surprised they haven’t done more of these this season, since it helps us get to know the contestants. Seriously, if we’re going to have a lot of filler, it might as well be filler that contributes to our connection with the artists.


-Carson talks to India about her school friends back home, and she emotionally thanks them all for their support. Then, we keep with the whole “voting order” theory of the results reveal, because…

The second artist advancing to the finale is from Team Blake…MEGHAN LINSEY IS SAFE!

-So India, Koryn and Joshua will sing for the Instant Save. Hmm, I was expecting a Bottom 2.

-Back from break with Blake talking about Red Nose Day, and why the charity is so important to him. I’d really love to hang out with Blake Shelton. He just seems like a really cool guy.


-The three finalists perform Journey’s “Faithfully,” one of my favorite songs on planet Earth. Strangely though, the only person whose voice I actually liked on this was India’s. Meghan sounded good, and it was probably a better fit for her, but it was such an expected song choice for her that it just seemed sort of bland. But India really impressed me with how she tackled the song and made it her own during her segments. However, I was really disappointed with Koryn’s side of things. She didn’t falter once, and she hit every note, but something about the tone of her voice was somewhat unpleasant here, for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint. It just sounded like she was yawning a lot, I guess. It was weird. I love Koryn but I didn’t love this.


-So it turns out it’s not a Bottom 3 after all. Instead, Carson is announcing who will sing for the Instant Save first. Then, a little later on in the show, he’ll reveal who’s singing for the save second. So instead of just announcing which of the three is the third finalist, they’re indirectly making it seem like they’re all in the Bottom. I mean, I get that the finale will be The Sawyer and Meghan Show, but there’s no need to make it such a foregone conclusion.

Anyway, the first person in the Bottom 2 and performing for the Instant Save is…INDIA CARNEY!

-India seems crestfallen, but she puts on a brave face as she prepares to sing for the Instant Save.


-Joshua and Sawyer sing “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray, another one of my favorite songs. But unlike the girls’ performance, I loved all the performers on this track. I honestly thought this was a better song for Joshua than either of the songs he did last night. And I think Sawyer could have had a huge moment with this if it were a solo. He’s seriously digging into this vocal in impressive fashion, although the guys seem to get lost towards the end, as if they’re unsure who’s supposed to be taking the lead on the vocal at certain points. Still, they sound terrific together. In particular, I’m loving Joshua’s grit on the conclusion.


-Carson asks Joshua about his supporters back home, and he talks about how much it all means to him. We then get the long-awaited result…

The third artist advancing to the finale is from Team Adam…JOSHUA DAVIS IS SAFE!

-Joshua is stunned, and Koryn seems understandably upset. But honestly, barring another freak occurrence like last week, it’s the end of the road for Team Christina.


-India is up first, and she sings “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson. I figured this would be an easy win for Koryn, but after this performance, I’m not so sure. This was an outstanding vocal from India, showing loads of passion and fire. I actually liked this as much as the original, and it’s a song I could easily hear India putting out on the radio. After the performance, Christina talks about how impressed she’s been with India, as she continues to find things in her that she didn’t know were there. She says she’s behind India all the way. Christina pleads with America to vote for her, noting that some fans don’t realize just how close this voting is. She says if any viewer has liked what India does, they need to vote to save her. In a strange moment, Christina flips through a sheaf of papers in her front of her before telling fans to tweet “#VoiceSaveIndia”. Did she need a note to remember that?

-Koryn sings “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce, and THAT’S the Koryn I love. This is a powerful, emotional vocal that matches the intensity of what India did. In fact, I’d argue Koryn exceeded it. I don’t really know what else to say about this other than that Koryn absolutely won this sing-off. After the performance, Pharrell campaigns for votes by saying that if you’ve ever heard “no,” or you’ve ever had a dream, this girl up here is singing for you. He talks about what a true talent Koryn is, and how inspirational she is. As we go to break, we can see the coaches already tweeting on their phones. This should be a close one.

-Or not. Although it starts off 50-50, the scales quickly tip in favor of Koryn. As we return to the show, Koryn is ahead, 52% to 48%.


-Both contestants say their final words to their respective coaches. India thanks Christina for everything she’s given her. Koryn, meanwhile, breaks down talking about how much it means to her to have had Pharrell as a coach. Pharrell, meanwhile, tells Koryn he couldn’t be any happier for her, saying she stuck to her guns and sang songs that meant something to her. “What else can I do but applaud that intention? It’s been beautiful to work with you, and we have more work to do.” Christina closes by saying India has done her proud, and has worked hard throughout the competition. “This is a woman that loves music, and she just wants to get out here and sing her heart out. And that has inspired me, in turn, to start reliving why I started making music in the first place. Thank you, India.”

-The save window is closed. Carson reveals the final person advancing to next week’s finale…




-No big surprise here, although it has to be disappointing for Christina. I really thought this was going to be her season, but it looks like the status quo is alive and well. While you could argue she simply made bad choices that prevented her from winning, I thought this was actually the strongest team she’s ever had. I also felt Kimberly going home when she did was an absolute travesty, as she deserved to be a finalist. At least more so than Joshua Davis, whom I enjoy but not in a “This guy should win The Voice!” kind of way. Regardless, good on Pharrell for getting two acts into the finale after being the first coach knocked out last year. He’s come a long way as a mentor in just a few short months.

-But what do you think though? Was this the right result? Is this the right final four? Can anyone stop the inevitable Sawyer Fredericks victory? Sound off in the comments! Until next week, head on over to our live blog for Night 1 of the American Idol XIV finale! Thanks for reading and hanging out!

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