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The Voice iTunes Charts: Jordan Smith Hits #1 for Finale, Makes ‘Voice’ History

It was an historic night for The Voice, as Jordan Smith accomplished what no other artist before or since has on the show: by ranking at No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5 on iTunes last night, he became the first artist in The Voice history to crack the Top 10 on iTunes for every single live show. This was a statistic mentioned by Carson Daly on last night’s show, as he made note that Jordan was poised to make history if his finale singles charted as well as everything else he’s done this season. Sure enough, the good fortune came to pass. But which single went No. 1?

As it turns out, it wasn’t his version of “Climb Every Mountain”, which charted less than an hour into the finale. Rather, it was his rendition of the Christmas classic, “Mary Did You Know”, which claimed the top spot on the iTunes charts. This is his second No. 1 single on the iTunes Top 100 overall chart this season, and that’s already two more No. 1s than a lot of artists ever get on iTunes. But that’s not all for Jordan, as he essentially dominated the Top 10, with every one of his finale singles charting — a feat no other artist from last night’s show can say. His version of “Climb Every Mountain” comes in at No. 3, while “God Only Knows”, his duet with coach Adam Levine, ranks at No. 5. More impressive, however, is the continued strength of his first No. 1 single, as “Somebody to Love” lands at No. 10! That’s FOUR singles whose votes will be multiplied by 10!

However, let’s not downplay what Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts accomplished. The country songstress landed at No. 2 with her heartfelt, goosebump-inducing version of Cam’s “Burning House”. She’s also sitting pretty at No. 6 with “Islands In the Stream”, her duet with coach Blake Shelton. This was just one position higher than her Team Blake teammate Barrett Baber, who comes in at No. 7 with his emotional take on Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man”. But back to Emily Ann, who had a strong night overall. While she didn’t have every single chart in the Top 10 like Jordan, all of her singles from the finale did chart in the Top 20, which neither Barrett nor Jeffery could say. Emily Ann’s third song of the night, a cover of “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley, came in at No. 13, and although that vote doesn’t get multiplied by ten, it’s still looking like Emily Ann is still Team Blake’s best shot at a possible upset victory.

Of course, Team Gwen refused to be shut out, as Jeffery Austin is at No. 9 with his version of “Stay” by Sugarland. His duet with coach Gwen Stefani, “Leather and Lace”, also charted inside the Top 20, reaching No. 14.

But one of the bigger stories here was how songs the finalists performed saw a HUGE bump in downloads following the finale. Thomas Rhett’s “Die a Happy Man” is now at No. 15, while Cam is at No. 16 with “Burning House”! Strangely enough, this surge in download numbers for the country artists resulted in some Voice artists getting pushed down the charts: Barrett and Blake fell to No. 18 with their duet of “Rhinestone Cowboy”, while Jeffery peaked at No. 20 with his version of “O Holy Night”. This was still one position higher, however, than Barrett’s peculiar rendition of “Silent Night”, which comes in at No. 21.

This was one of the biggest nights of all-time for The Voice, with singles from the show charting all over the place. Check out the full rankings below:

The Voice iTunes Charts Jordan Smith Hits #1 for Finale, Makes 'Voice' History

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice iTunes Top 100 Rankings: 12/15/2015

1. Jordan Smith, “Mary Did You Know”
2. Emily Ann Roberts, “Burning House”
3. Jordan Smith, “Climb Every Mountain”
5. Jordan Smith and Adam Levine, “God Only Knows”
6. Emily Ann Roberts and Blake Shelton, “Islands In the Stream”
7. Barrett Baber, “Die a Happy Man”
9. Jeffery Austin, “Stay”
10. Jordan Smith, “Somebody To Love”
13. Emily Ann Roberts, “Blue Christmas”
14. Jeffery Austin and Gwen Stefani, “Leather and Lace”
17. Jordan Smith, “Hallelujah”
18. Barrett Baber and Blake Shelton, “Rhinestone Cowboy”
20. Jeffery Austin, “O Holy Night”
21. Barrett Baber, “Silent Night”
34. Jordan Smith, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”
44. Jordan Smith, “Halo”
47. Jordan Smith, “Chandelier”
53. Jordan Smith, “Set Fire to the Rain”
55. Jeffery Austin, “Believe”
61. Emily Ann Roberts, “9 to 5”
76. Emily Ann Roberts, “She’s Got You”
80. Jordan Smith, “Who You Are”
81. Emily Ann Roberts, “I Hope You Dance”
85. Emily Ann Roberts, “Why Not Me”
94. Emily Ann Roberts, “Cowboy Take Me Away”

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