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‘The Voice’ Introduces Wildcard Twist for Season 9 Live Playoffs

Next week is the start of the Live Playoffs for The Voice Season 9! However, as the Top 20 prepare to take the stage for your votes for the first time this season, the show is once again going back to the wildcard well, as the Top 20 will become the Top 24!

The official press release gives the details:

Next week during the Live Playoffs, there will be four “Bring Back” contestants, one per coach, that were eliminated during the Battle or Knockout Rounds, that will return to compete for wild-card-style spots in the top 12. Which four singers will get a second chance and join the 20 semifinalists here? Find out next week.

So each coach can bring back one person, meaning we could see the return of contestants such as Blind Joe, Ellie Lawrence, James Dupré, Manny Cabo, Krista Hughes, Siahna Im, Andi & Alex, Nadjah Nicole, Lyndsey Elm, Dustin Christensen, Kota Wade, Tim Atlas or even Chance Peña, just to name a few (okay, a lot).

'The Voice' Introduces Wildcard Twist for Season 9 Live Playoffs

Credit: Greg Gayne/NBC

This isn’t the first time the show has utilized a wildcard twist. Back in Season 7, the show featured a twist in which one eliminated singer from the Top 12 would be voted back into the competition for the finale. The twist went over like a lead balloon and hasn’t been brought back, probably because it didn’t really change much in the competition. Damien, who’d been eliminated the week before the finale, was the one voted back in, basically rendering the previous week’s results show pointless. And he would go on to finish in fourth place once again, thereby rendering the twist itself pointless as well. This is a far more interesting use of the wildcard twist, since it affects the competition right at the start of the live shows. It’s an exciting thing to introduce, and I think it’ll go over pretty well, provided the coaches each make solid picks.

Personally, I think Adam should bring back James Dupré, Blake should bring back Blind Joe, Pharrell should bring back Siahna Im, and Gwen should bring back Lyndsey Elm. But those are just my personal preferences. Who would you like to see come back? Sound off in the comments!

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