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‘The Voice’ contestant Tess Boyer missing, according to friends on Twitter

UPDATE: Tess Boyer just posted a video on YouTube!

She’s OK! She just doesn’t want to talk to anybody.

Earlier Updates:

UPDATE: Tess Boyer is OK according to KSDK NewsChannel 5. They wrote on Twitter today:

“We have spoken to Tess Boyer and she is taking a break from social media to focus on other projects.”

KSDK did not specify when they talked to Tess Boyer. We have reached out to KSDK, but have not gotten a response.

I do hope she is OK. If she is, it looks like she has some things to sort out with her “closest friends” who she has not communicated to in three weeks.

GossipCop spoke to Tess’ father who also says she is OK:

Gossip Cop has exclusively spoken to Tess’ father, Pastor Roy Boyer, who tells us Tess is “fine” and “not missing.” He doesn’t know where the story came from, but the family is looking into where the rumor originated. There’s been no formal police investigation of any missing person, and the disappearance was only reported by a circle of Boyer’s friends.

After word came out the Tess was “not missing,” former The Voice contestants Christina Grimmie and Bria Kelly tweeted that they still consider Tess “missing” until she herself contacts them directly.

Oh dear…

Earlier report:

Former The Voice contestant Tess Boyer has been missing for three weeks according to her friends on Twitter. Former contestant Bria Kelly tweeted the news this afternoon with hashtag #FindTessBoyer to raise awareness. The hashtag trended in the United States soon after.

Tess’s accounts on social media have been deleted and Bria says that her family has not responded to calls or visits in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Tess Boyer was on The Voice 2014 Season 6. She was on Team Usher then on Team Blake Shelton then on Team Shakira.

I think her friends should fill out an missing person report. If this is serious, the authorities should be involved in looking for her.

We are sending out positive energy into the universe that she is OK.

I don’t trust what Tess’s parents say…. The only thing that will stop this is a FaceTime call from Tess and being able to see she is safe

— Bria Kelly (@BriaKelly) March 17, 2015

'The Voice' contestant Tess Boyer missing, according to friends on Twitter

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