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‘The Voice’ contestant Tess Boyer asks to stop #FindTessBoyer (VIDEO)

Tess Boyer posted a video on YouTube asking that people stop #FindTessBoyer on Twitter. In the video she explains why she has detached from social media and communication.

In lieu of #FindTessBoyer, she asks everyone to #FindYourself.

OMG. The. Dra. Ma.

A few hours ago, Tess’s friends led by Bria Kelly and Christina Grimmie started a campaign for #FindTessBoyer as she had been “missing for three weeks.”

Just to FUEL the gossip: I find it strange that she did not even mention any appreciation for the concern people had for her, and sounded annoyed more than anything. Clearly she wanted to get away from something. Maybe this was it.

Looks like she #FoundGod.

She’s OK. Let’s all live life.

Watch the video here:

Tess Boyer asks to stop FindTessBoyer (VIDEO)

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