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The Voice Contestant Daniel Passino Says Coach Pharrell Williams Didn’t Defend Him

Daniel Passino loved coach Pharrell Williams during his time on The Voice 2016, but he’s not exactly thrilled with how his elimination from the show was handled this week.

In an interview with Reality TV World, Daniel criticized Pharrell for failing to rally America to save him following his underwhelming Bottom 2 sing-off performance of “Uptown Funk.”

“When it became my coach’s turn to try to defend me, I didn’t feel like he really did that,” Daniel said. “My own coach didn’t really — not that he didn’t stick up for me, but…he didn’t. I mean, I think that was evident too on Tuesday with the results show.”

For Daniel, it might not have been so bad had the coaches not spent the rest of the time gushing over fellow Bottom 2 artist Nick Hagelin from Team Christina Aguilera.

“There were three coaches vouching for Nick — who did a phenomenal job, let me add. A phenomenal job. But you had three coaches vouching for Nick. You had Christina standing on her chair telling everyone to vote for Nick. When it was my turn, it was almost [the opposite].

“My brother described it as a ‘eulogy,’ you know what I mean?” Daniel added. “But it’s alright.”

Daniel Passino Eliminated from The Voice

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On the one hand, nothing Daniel says is wrong: Pharrell really didn’t campaign for him at all, instead using his critiquing portion to basically say goodbye to the guy. And it’s true that the coaches were all rallying behind Nick. However, there really ought to be a certain measure of personal accountability here. The Voice is a show where positivity is generally encouraged, so I think Pharrell was actually taking the high road for not calling out Daniel on what a mess “Uptown Funk” was, considering how often Daniel sang the wrong lyrics (although he covered really well) or how flat some of the notes were. That said, I still thought “Uptown Funk” was leagues better than his Monday night performance of “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing”, which had the rare distinction of actually prompting criticism from the coaches, as both Christina and Pharrell noted there were pitch issues and intonation problems.

“It was interesting. Me and Pharrell have a wonderful relationship. He’s one of the best human beings I think I’ve met here in the duration of my time on the show. But just even Monday night, Christina said there were intonation problems, but I didn’t think that was [a problem],” Daniel said. “I mean, you can listen to the performance and judge for yourself, but I think there have been multiple times on the show when singers had intonation issues that have never been said, never brought up. And actually, their performances were praised. And we’re so far along in the show, that that never happens. So, it was just interesting that the coaches even said that.”

Daniel did end up reining in his sour grapes by admitting there wasn’t a whole lot Pharrell could have done to save him.

“It wasn’t his decision,” Daniel stated. “It was just my time to go this week, unfortunately.”

The Voice Contestant Daniel Passino Says Coach Pharrell Williams Didn't Defend Him

Credit: NBC

Naturally, I find this kind of interview somewhat disconcerting. Yes, it was evident — every single week — just how much this means to Daniel, considering what an emotional wreck he was after being eliminated in the Knockouts. But rather than focus on how fortunate he was to have been Pharrell’s comeback artist in the first place, Daniel goes on a befuddling rant about his circumstances in the competition. Look, I get that the dude was probably getting bused in the competition, otherwise he’d have gotten ANY other song than “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” (i.e., the most tired, overdone song in the history of reality singing competitions). But I don’t think criticizing Pharrell and Christina for making valid points is a good look, nor is basically saying “Well, those people delivered bad performances, and they didn’t get the critiques I got!”

But enough negativity: I like Daniel and I think he’s a super talented guy. He’s one of those singers who had all the potential in the world, and I don’t think that potential was ever realized on the show. He’s got a knack for performing, and he’s shown, through his rehearsal sessions with Pharrell, that he’s got a producer’s mind. But I think he just ended up on the wrong team, singing the wrong songs. Ah well, it’s clear this isn’t going to be the end of the road for Daniel, if his passion on the show is any indication. I wish him the best for his future.

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