‘The Voice’ Coaches Play ‘Spin the Microphone’ on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams were all over TV last night! In addition to the premiere of the Knockout Round, the coaches were on-hand at The Tonight Show to play a rousing game of Spin the Microphone with Jimmy Fallon!

The rules are simple: you spin the microphone, and the person it lands on picks a card with a song on it. The person can then choose to either sing the song themselves, or choose someone else to sing it. Naturally, this results in hilarity since some of the coaches (namely, Adam and Blake) look like they’d rather be doing ANYTHING ELSE. Still, it’s as entertaining as it is awkward, especially the closing duet. So it’s not as if this still wasn’t fun. Seriously, I loved this. It was just a hilariously weird segment that had some really awesome sing-along moments and some wonderfully strange cringe-inducing moments. Watch the full video below:

'The Voice' Coaches Play 'Spin the Microphone' on The Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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