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The Voice 9 – The Battles Premiere, Part 2 – Live Blog and Recap (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 9, “The Battles Premiere, Part 2”! Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams continue whittling down their teams of finalists with some of the most dramatic battles this competition has ever seen!

Last night’s Battle Round premiere was an impressive night of match-ups, but will tonight be able to measure up? And what will happen after the battles? Will there be a steal? Could the potential winner pull a Craig Wayne Boyd and end up switching teams?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

The Voice 9 - The Battles Premiere, Part 2 - Live Blog and Recap (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-So after a brief recap of last night’s show, along with ane xtensive preview of what’s to come tonight, we meet up with Adam, who is letting John Fogerty know how much he’s inspired everyone here. And, with that, we’re off to our first battle of the evening…


-Keith admits he lost the power of speech for a few seconds upon meeting John Fogerty. Adam says he couldn’t help putting and these two singers together, because they both represent rock and roll. They’ll be singing “Baba O’Riley” by The Who, and it seems as though both guys are struggling a bit to hit the high notes, particularly Manny, who states that while he hasn’t had vocal lessons, he’s a sponge who learns quickly. In the final rehearsal, Adam chooses to accompany the guys on the drums, which inspires Manny. Adam encourages both guys to bring all the energy they have, while John notes that they should use this opportunity to show a little personality.

-Manny sings around the opening high notes, which is a smart choice, considering how much trouble he was having in rehearsal. I love Manny, which is why I’m surprised that, for the most part, this is a landslide for Keith, who shows far more vocal range and nuance. I will say, however, that this season could use more than one rocker, so hopefully, the loser gets stolen.

-Blake jokes about being wasted, and then knocks Adam for stealing Manny’s hairstyle. He then declares that to be one of the best battles they’ve ever seen. Keith’s daughter speaks up for her dad from the crowd, in an absolutely adorable ymen, but saoment. Pharrell then praises Keith for his range, and Manny for his timelessness. Gwen praises both men, but says Keith took her breath away, and needs to make a record right now. Adam is torn on whom to choose, but he goes with his gut…


-Unfortunately, Manny doesn’t get stolen, with Gwen arguing that she has only one steal left, and there are some other people she has her eye on. I think letting Manny go is a huge mistake, since I think he’d be super popular in the live shows. But I kind of get her reasoning, such as it is. Manny takes his defeat graciously, and vows that his journey will continue. Best of luck to him!

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-We then get another weekly fashion segment from Christina Grimmie, who’s shown an ability to pull off a Kohl’s outfit like few ever have.


-Krista is stunned to meet Brad Paisley, noting how she went from jamming out to his album last week, to singing for him right here and now. Blake has given them “Where I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley, which is very personal to Brad, since he wrote it after losing his favorite aunt. Blake states that while Krista is a country singer and Chris is a pop singer, they’re both storytellers. However, Chris is a bit intimidated, since this is more in Krista’s wheelhouse. He also keeps getting distracted by how emotional the song is, since it reminds him of his recently-departed grandfather. Brad tells Chris to think of a shark attack any time he starts to get emotional. He then accompanies the duo on the guitar, which sets Chris at ease. In the final rehearsal, Blake and Brad put their heads together on how to rearrange the song to give Krista a moment of her own in the song. Krista can’t believe Brad is rewriting his own song for her, and Brad is really impressed with Krista’s interpretation of the lyrics, saying this is how he should have done it on the actual record.

-I wasn’t familiar with this song before tonight, but this is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t say I was surprised that Chris did such a strong job here, although I was a bit shocked Krista didn’t do better. She did a solid job, and she should be proud of what she accomplished here, but Chris was just the superior vocalist tonight.

-Pharrell thought he had Chris pegged in the opening, but was really impressed with his chest voice. Meanwhile, he thought Krista had a few flat notes, but got better as the song went on. Ultimately, he’d go with Chris. Gwen loved both contestants, and thought their voices blended together really well, but she’d also go with Chris. Adam felt the melody got away from Krista a bit on the bridge, but she thought both singers did an incredible job. Blake agrees, and adds that Krista should be commended for taking a male song, and making it work for her. Blake makes his choice…


-Sadly, Krista is not stolen, which is a bit surprising, considering she was a four-chair turn in the Blinds. But I think her performance here sort of dissuaded the coaches from putting her through. I mean, it’s not like it was even a mess or anything. I liked Krista. But I guess, as Krista says in her farewell, that it just wasn’t her day.

And now we get a montage! Madi Davis defeated Sydney Rhame on Team Pharrell, while Koda Wade was victorious against Alex Kandel on Team Gwen. Lastly, Jeffery Austin won his battle against Noah Jackson in another Team Gwen battle. Surprised they montaged Madi, since I saw her as a potential finalist, and the montage seems to suggest she might not get as far as she should. Will someone more knowledgeable than myself let me know in the comments if any montaged contestants actually managed to make it far?


-The girls are stoked to be singing for Missy Elliott. At first, I thought this would be the battle of the braces, but Ivonne’s braces are out, and her teeth look MAGNIFICENT! Of course, this is to take nothing away from what a doll Siahna is, by the way. But I digress. Pharrell has given the girls “Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes, and the girls are pretty even, at least until the final rehearsal, in which Ivonne forgets her lyrics. Pharrell tells her these are the moments in which she needs to take charge, adding that she’s a beautiful girl who can do whatever she wants. “You can do this,” he tells her. “Jump out the window with me. I won’t let you fall.” Pharrell is so damn sweet.

-Before the battle, Ivonne and Siahna have the most adorable handshake in the history of ever. Anyway, onto the battle, as Ivonne REALLY impressed me here. I expected her to do well, but figured Siahna would be the clear winner, since this is more in her old-fashioned, soul-driven wheelhouse. However, I think Ivonne actually won this battle. If it were me, I’d give it to her by a hair.

-Gwen praises both girls for their strong voices, while Adam feels there are things both girls need to work on. That said, he likes Ivonne a lot, and thinks Siahna must have been invented by Pixar. Blake thought he’d go with Siahna, but he was quickly disarmed by Ivonne’s smile (Adam: “It’s cuteness overload!”). Pharrell is torn on whom to pick, but he shuts his eyes and makes a choice…


-Siahna breaks down backstage with happy tears, while Ivonne fights tears over her loss. Luckily, she won’t be saying goodbye any time soon, because…


-Gwen feels Ivonne was always meant to be on her team, while Adam actually goes to bat for Gwen by telling Ivonne that she’s the angel while Blake is the devil. Adam then notes, in the middle of Blake’s pitch, that Gwen turned around for her in the blinds whereas Blake didn’t. Blake’s response is to call Adam “Howie Mandel” and wonder why he’s even on this show. Ivonne makes her pick…


-Blake gloats while Gwen vows to get back at Blake. She’s utterly confounded as to why Ivonne picked Blake, but embraces the girl and congratulates her, regardless.

-And that’s a wrap on tonight’s show! To recap, here are the results…

Team Adam Levine:
Keith Semple def. Manny Cabo

Team Blake Shelton
Chris Crump def. Krista Hughes

Team Pharrell Williams
Siahna Im def. Ivonne Acero (Blake Shelton steals Ivonne Acero!)
Madi Davis def. Syndey Rhame

Team Gwen Stefani
Koda Wade def. Alex Kandel
Jeffery Austin def. Noah Jackson

What did you think? Did the coaches make the right choices? Sound off in the comments!

Until next time, thank you for hanging out and reading!


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