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The Voice 9 Spoilers: Rumored Top 20 Revealed

So it turns out audience members from The Voice tapings have been spoiling the results of the Knockout Round. This means the Top 20 spoilers are out. Granted, these are all rumors, at the moment, but they’ve been gaining traction online. In addition, some of the spoilers have already been proven correct after last night’s Knockout Round premiere, with Amy Vachal getting stolen by Adam Levine following her tremendous Knockout Round performance against Madi Davis on Team Pharrell, and Viktor Kiraly getting stolen by Gwen Stefani after his epic battle with Team Adam opponent Jordan Smith.

In my opinion, this is a pretty solid Top 20, if the rumors turn out to be true. Granted, there are some singers I’ll miss, like Ellie Lawrence and Blind Joe, but this is one of the first seasons in a while where I don’t think the winner is obvious, since each team has at least one potential winner on it.

Check out the rumored Top 20 spoilers below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

The Voice 9 Spoilers Rumored Top 20 Revealed

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Team Adam Levine
Blaine Mitchell
Jordan Smith
Keith Semple
Shelby Brown
Amy Vachal (Stolen from Pharrell Williams!)

Team Blake Shelton
Barrett Baber
Emily Ann Roberts
Ivonne Acero
Zach Seabaugh
Morgan Frazier (Stolen BACK from Pharrell Williams)

Team Gwen Stefani
Braiden Sunshine
Jeffery Austin
Korin Bukowski
Regina Love
Viktor Kiraly (Stolen from Adam Levine!)

Team Pharrell Williams
Darius Scott
Evan McKeel
Madi Davis
Mark Hood
Riley Biederer (Stolen from Gwen Stefani!)

So what do you think of the Top 20? Who has the winner? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on The Voice, watch each battle from last night’s Knockout Round premiere!

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