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The Voice 2016 Winner Revealed: Who Won Season 11? (VIDEO)

The Voice 2016 finale is here! Tonight, we will crown a winner for Season 11!

It all comes down to Team Blake’s Sundance Head, Team Alicia’s We McDonald, and Team Adam’s Josh Gallagher and Billy Gilman. Who will come out on top?

The final iTunes charts for the season suggest a landslide for Sundance Head, who landed all three of his singles in the Top 10, with two occupying the Top 2 spots on the Overall Singles chart. In addition, Sundance had a whopping TEN singles overall in the Top 100. Still, Billy Gilman remains in the race, occupying the #3 and #4 positions. Josh Gallagher came in at #6, while We McDonald held onto a Top 10 vote multiplier by reaching #9. So all four artists are definitely in the running, especially if their fanbases vote through traditional means rather than strictly through iTunes. Could we be in for a shock, or will the iTunes numbers tell us all we need to know?

For now, I’ll be posting the results as they come in, along with videos as soon as they become available. Until then, keep refreshing! And if you missed last night’s show, there’s a link to videos of all finale performances at the end of the article!

The Voice 2016 Winner Revealed: Who Won Season 11? (VIDEO)



Before the result, the contestants speak to their coaches. Sundance thanks Blake for everything, and thanks God for putting Blake in his life. We tells Alicia how crucial her mentorship has been to her development. Billy thanks Adam for helping him find his voice again and giving him his voice back, while Josh notes that although Adam didn’t turn for him, he’s grateful to have been on Team Adam.

With that, Carson Daly reads the results…

JOSH GALLAGHER finishes in fourth place!

WE MCDONALD finishes in third place!

BILLY GILMAN is the runner-up!



Press play to watch the video below:

Sundance is positively stunned, but overjoyed. He sings his winner’s single, “Darlin’ Don’t Go”, and gives up on trying to perform altogether once his family comes onstage. He’s completely overwhelmed with emotion as the confetti falls in a beautiful moment. Then he picks up the song again as the Top 12 comes out onstage.

Personally, I was pulling for Billy, but I’m not upset about this result at all. Sundance is a deserving winner who managed to be both consistent and interesting, in addition to peaking at just the right time, whereas it could be argued Billy just peaked way too soon. Ultimately, it’s a surprise, but not really that big of a surprise, you know? Either way, congratulations to Sundance!

But what do you think of these results? Sound off in the comments!

And if you missed last night’s show, watch all of the Top 8 semi-final performance videos here!

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