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The Voice 2016 Spoilers: Top 8 Duet Pairings Revealed (VIDEO)

The Voice is taking a page out of American Idol by pairing up the contestants for duets during performance night. But which artists will be teaming up to take the stage together on tonight’s show?

In this video, we find out the contestant pairings while also getting some good-natured interviews with the finalists in question. It looks like they’re following in Idol’s footsteps in more ways than one: it appears they’re pairing the obvious top two, as Team Christina’s Alisan Porter will be dueting with Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield. Granted, with Team Adam’s Laith Al-Saadi on the rise in iTunes sales (he’s actually selling better than Alisan, at least in recent weeks), the race is still wide open. If nothing else, I feel like this is the final two the producers would probably prefer. But I digress. Check out the pairings in the video below:

The Voice 2016 Spoilers Top 8 Duet Pairings Revealed (VIDEO)

The Voice 2016 Top 8 Duet Pairings

Adam Wakefield (Team Blake) and Alisan Porter (Team Christina)

Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam) and Hannah Huston (Team Pharrell)

Bryan Bautista (Team Christina) and Mary Sarah (Team Blake)

Paxton Ingram (Team Blake) and Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam)

Personally, I’m stoked for Adam/Alisan and Laith/Hannah, particularly the latter pairing. It has all the potential in the world to be one of the most soulful moments of the season (although I’m kind of expecting Adam and Alisan to blow people away). Paxton and Shalyah should also be solid, if not necessarily exciting. I mean, what are the odds they don’t get stuck with some shouty ballad like “When You Believe”? But hey, at least they come across as a more natural pairing than Bryan and Mary, which will either be shockingly good or a complete hot mess express. I’m excited, regardless. These duets are something I kind of wish The Voice had done sooner, but I can get why they didn’t. The team-based nature of the show means there has to be a certain number of contestants on different teams to make certain no two people from the same team end up paired together, which hasn’t always been possible in previous seasons. Of course, I’m just assuming this is a rule, but it might not be. For all we know, they just felt these would be the best pairings with the artists we have left. If Nick had survived over Paxton last week, I think he’d have been paired with teammate Bryan, while Shalyah teamed with fellow young’un Mary. I guess we’ll see if the duets come back in future seasons. But for now, I’m totally looking forward to tonight’s duets. Be sure to join us for the live blog and recap with videos!

But what do you think of these pairings? Sound off in the comments!

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