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The Voice 2016 Spoilers: Coaches’ Wildcard Picks Revealed

The Top 20 have been revealed on The Voice as the Knockout Round came to an end last night. But the Top 20 is about to become the Top 24, as last season’s wildcard twist is back! But which singers have been chosen to come back for a second chance?

The twist allows each coach to bring back any one singer who qualified for the battle rounds or the knockouts, so that means a wide variety of potential returnees. With that said, the spoilers reveal that each of the returning singers are male. The wildcards run the gamut from pop singers to country crooners to soulful balladeers. It’s a pretty surprising list, considering who the coaches could have brought back. But hey, I’m not complaining. Any way, you can find out which artists will be coming back by checking out the spoilers below via Twitter user @TheVoiceTea:

Adam Levine chooses Nate Butler

Pharrell Williams chooses Nick Hagelin

Christina Aguilera chooses Daniel Passino

Blake Shelton chooses Justin Whisnant

If it were up to me, I’d have liked to see Jessica Crosbie or Abby Celso come back. Hell, give Katherine Ho a second chance to make up for pulling a Rebekah Samarin with her! Seriously, the poor girl got all three of her performances montaged! It was ridiculous. There really is no good reason for the show to pull that kind of thing with any contestant, especially one who made it that far. It’s a wildcard, and I don’t see any cut singer winning the thing, so why not just throw her a bone? Granted, maybe she deserved to get cut, but I could see her being a sentimental favorite simply for her story. With all that having been said, I don’t have any real negatives to say about the guys being brought back. Nate and Nick just had the wrong songs in the Knockout Round, while Daniel probably would have moved forward if he hadn’t been paired with Alisan Porter. And Justin Whisnant was someone who I thought could actually win after first seeing his live audition. So I’m glad he’s getting another chance.

With the Wildcards now included, the Top 24 for The Voice Season 10 are…

The Voice 2016 Spoilers Coaches' Wildcard Picks Revealed

Credit: NBC

Team Adam Levine

Owen Danoff
Caroline Burns
Brian Nhira
Shalyah Fearing
Laith Al-Saadi
Nate Butler

Team Pharrell Williams

Emily Keener
Hannah Huston
Caity Peters
Lacy Mandigo
Nick Hagelin

Team Christina Aguilera

Alisan Porter
Ryan Quinn
Kata Hay
Bryan Bautista
Tamar Davis
Daniel Passino

Team Blake Shelton

Adam Wakefield
Mary Sarah
Katie Basden
Joe Maye
Paxton Ingram
Justin Whisnant

What do you think of the Wildcard picks? What about the Top 24 overall? Which coach has the strongest team and which coach will be the first to be knocked out of the competition? Sound off in the comments!

And if you missed last night’s final Knockout Round of The Voice, check out our recap with full videos of each performance!

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