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The Voice 2016 Semi-Final Results: Four Singers Go Home In Elimination Bloodbath (VIDEO)

The Voice 2016 Top 8 finalists performed live last night in the semi-finals for a spot in next week’s finale. That means that FOUR singers will be going home tonight in the semi-final bloodbath. But who will earn the last Instant Save of the season?

The iTunes charts for this week suggest a pretty tight race. Billy Gilman finally hit #1 with his cover of “I Surrender” by Celine Dion, while Sundance Head nipped at his heels at #2 with “Love Can Build A Bridge” by The Judds. Joining those two in the Top 10 on the overall singles chart are Josh Gallagher, who lands at #5 with “Danny’s Song”, and Christian Cuevas, who hits #6 with “To Worship You I Live (Away)”. But the Bottom 4 artists aren’t even really that low on the charts. Brendan Fletcher is at #11, while We McDonald is at #13, and Ali Caldwell lands at #16. Aaron Gibson is the only one who appears to be in legitimate danger, with his #49 placement. But can Aaron somehow survive the sing-off and earn the Instant Save for an unprecedented fourth consecutive week? Should be an exciting show tonight.

For now, I’ll be posting the results as they come in, along with videos as soon as they become available. Until then, keep refreshing! And if you missed last night’s show, there’s a link to videos of all Top 10 performances at the end of the article!

The Voice 2016 Semi-Final Results Four Singers Go Home In Elimination Bloodbath (VIDEO)



Declared Safe

Billy Gilman

Sundance Head

We McDonald

Instantly Eliminated

Aaron Gibson

Brendan Fletcher

Bottom Three

Ali Caldwell

Christian Cuevas

Josh Gallagher


Christian Cuevas sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, and I wish he had chosen a different song. It’s not that this wasn’t good. It’s just that it’s kind of overdone on shows like this, especially as a Save Me song. Still, I thought he did a solid job with it, for what it’s worth.

Ali Caldwell sang “Sledgehammer”, and this was my favorite performance of hers all season. I absolutely love what she did with this song, and if it were up to me, she would get the instant save. But I have a feeling America will go in a different direction, especially with a country act singing for survival.

Josh Gallagher sang “I Drive Your Truck”, and while I do like Josh quite a bit, I wasn’t a huge fan of this vocal. I kind of go back and forth on Josh, regarding whether or not we’ve seen his potential fully realized. I think he still has more to give, but I’m not sure what song can bring it out of him. I just know it wasn’t this one.

Final Result

The results are in and…

JOSH GALLAGHER is instantly saved by America!

ALI CALDWELL and CHRISTIAN CUEVAS are eliminated from The Voice 2016!

MILEY CYRUS becomes the first coach knocked out of the competition!

Final Thoughts

I’m stoked that We made it through especially because it means that one of the new coaches made a finale on their first season. But I’m kind of disappointed about Ali and Brendan. I think I even would have preferred Christian in the finale. With that said I’m totally open to being proven wrong by Josh next week.

As for Miley being the first coach eliminated, I can’t say I’m surprised, although I am disappointed. She started out making such adventurous song choices. But when America kept putting Aaron in the bottom, she decided to play it safe, which made both contestants boring as hell. Look no further than Ali and Aaron’s song choices for this week. Sure, Ali slayed hers, but it was hardly anything new. And Aaron really struggled with his song. Hopefully, if Miley comes back, she throws caution to the wind and sticks with the more outlandish song choices the other coaches aren’t likely to pick, like “Tenerife Sea” and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”. I guess we’ll see.

But what do you think of these results? Sound off in the comments!

And if you missed last night’s show, watch all of the Top 8 semi-final performance videos here!

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