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The Voice 2016 Results: Top 10 Double Elimination Sends Home Two (VIDEO)

The Voice 2016 Top 10 finalists performed live last night for your votes. Tonight, two singers will go home in a double elimination that will feature a Bottom 3 sing-off for the Instant Save. But who will be at risk?

Well, judging by this week’s iTunes sales, it would seem that Aaron Gibson will find himself in the sing-off for the third consecutive week, as he was the lowest-ranked among those who charted. However, at least he was fortunate to chart. The same couldn’t be said, unfortunately, for Team Blake’s Courtney Harrell, who missed out on the Top 100 singles charts altogether, being the only member of the Top 10 to come up short. It’s hard to know if Aaron’s lucky streak will come to an end, since America has saved him twice already. I suppose it all depends on who’s in the Bottom 3 with him. If this were one-on-one against Courtney, I think America would save him again. But if, say, Josh Gallagher or Austin Allsup lands there too, we could be looking at the end of the road for Aaron. Of course, this presumes that the iTunes sales are an accurate reflection of the votes, which they might not be. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

For now, I’ll be posting the results as they come in, along with videos as soon as they become available. Until then, keep refreshing! And if you missed last night’s show, there’s a link to videos of all Top 10 performances at the end of the article!

The Voice 2016 Results Top 10 Double Elimination Sends Home Two (VIDEO)

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC


Declared Safe

Brendan Fletcher

Sundance Head

Ali Caldwell

We McDonald

Christian Cuevas

Billy Gilman

Josh Gallagher

Bottom Three

Aaron Gibson

Courtney Harrell

Austin Allsup


Austin Allsup sings “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton, and I actually like this more than his performance last night. Granted, while I wasn’t crazy about Austin’s vocal last night, I thought the studio version was great. But this is a much stronger live vocal than last night. Hell, I would love to hear a studio version of this.

Courtney Harrell sings “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, and right away, I wish she would sing more country songs. She’s on Team Blake, but he doesn’t have her putting her own unique spin on country songs like this. And I wish this would change, because Courtney has loads of talent. With that said, I think this is probably her last night, so it’s likely too little, too late.

Aaron Gibson sings “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” by Bob Dylan, and this is easily my favorite performance of his this entire season. It’s also his best sing off performance. But again, I wonder if it’s all too little, too late. Either way, this was a surprisingly excellent trio of sing off performances.

Final Result

The results are in and…

AARON GIBSON is saved by America!

AUSTIN ALLSUP and COURTNEY HARRELL are eliminated from The Voice 2016!

Final Thoughts

This is the third week in a row that Aaron has been saved, and while I don’t get it, I kind of do. He’s got that Young White Guy With Guitar demographic on lock, and while you could make the argument that the sing off is kind of pointless if others continue to do better than Aaron but still go home, this show has always been a Game of Fanbases. For now, Aaron just has a bigger base of live-tweeting fans. If anything, it’s more an issue with the Instant Save in itself, since it privileges the tech savvy, Twitter-using demographic, and disproportionately favors East Coast viewership (although I guess you can follow the results in places like this and Twitter itself).

I really do think the results should be like X Factor, with each coach getting a vote after the sing-off, and sending it to deadlock if they can’t reach a majority decision. Then, whoever had the fewest votes from the night before would go home. No Twitter nonsense.

Anyway, I actually don’t mind Aaron sticking around, because I’ve been rooting for him since the Blinds. But I just feel as though America isn’t connecting with him beyond the fans he can cull together for the Instant Save. I would be shocked if last week wasn’t the end of the road for him, either way.

But what do you think of these results? Sound off in the comments!

And if you missed last night’s show, watch all of the Top 10 performance videos here!

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