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The Voice 2016 – Live Blog and Recap – The Blind Auditions, Part 4 (VIDEO)

Welcome to the live blog and recap for The Voice 10, “The Blind Auditions, Part 4”! Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams and host Carson Daly set out to find the next great singer!

The Blind Auditions continue, as another group of contestants compete for The Voice Season 10 crown! But what will happen tonight? Will we see any four-chair turns like the impressive Ryan Quinn? How about familiar faces returning for another shot at The Voice title like Bryan Bautista last week? Could the Season 10 winner be among tonight’s auditioning artists? And which coach will fill his or her team first?

Keep it locked right here, as I’ll be updating with commentary, results, and videos as soon as they become available!

The Voice 2016 - Live Blog and Recap - The Blind Auditions, Part 4 (VIDEO)

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-After some joking backstage with the coaches, we get into tonight’s first artist…

TAMAR DAVIS opens the show!

-This is one of the most interesting back stories we’ve gotten so far, as Tamar was part of a group called Girls Time…which went on to become Destiny’s Child. However, her parents pulled her out of the group to focus on educayion, so it was naturally really hard for her to deal with the groups eventual success. How she ever forgave her parents is beyond me, but she admits that her parents did her a favor since she wasn’t ready. She got an education, came to peace with the Destiny’s Child success, and ended up touring with Prince and working with Tyler Perry, the latter of whom convinced her to audition for The Voice in the first place. So she’s clearly got talent, and she’s been working in the industry regardless. Here’s hoping she turns some chairs.

-Tamar sings “Chain of Fools,” and it’s exactly as good as you’d think it’d be. She’s got such a rich tone to her voice that Christina would be absolutely insane. I’m kind of in love with her voice right now. Christina, naturally, hits her button. But, in a surprise, Blake hits his as well at the very last minute!


-Tamar talks about her background as Blake just gushes over her and calls the other coaches disrespectful for not turning. Adam calls him out for being creepy while Christina makes her pitch to the tone of how it’s time for a female to win. Blake argues that he took a backup singer to the title in Jermaine Paul…and yet, what is Jermaine even up to now? Anyway, Tamar makes her pick….


-Blake is heartbroken to have lost Tamar, but I think she totally made the right choice.


-Jessica is a British ex-pat with an American mother, and please forgive me, but I’m too busy being absolutely in love with this woman. Man alive, she’s SO gorgeous. But then, maybe I’m just weak for British girls. I love her attitude though, as she comes across as a very passionate, dedicated person. If she’s as talented as she is determined, I think she could go far.

-Jessica sings a wonderful rendition of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. Seriously, this is my favorite version of this song I’ve heard on a singing show since Audio Vixen did it on The X Factor Australia a couple years ago. Jessica has a voice full of character, and the coaches recognize it, as everyone but Blake turns for her.


-Christina adores Jessica’s voice, but thinks she can actually go for higher notes than she does. Adam heard the breath and the nerves, but heard a tremendous vocalist underneath all that, and he thinks they can really work together. Pharrell doesn’t want to get in Jessica’s way, and wants to nurture her artistry. Jessica is grateful for all of the compliments, and even lets Blake know she loves him, despite him not turning his chair. Blake returns the love, as Jessica finally makes her choice…


-I think she made a great choice, and she quickly bonds with Pharrell as they head backstage together to greet her family. Adam, however, says he hopes to steal Jessica if she gets cut in a subsequent round. We’ll see!


-Justin’s parents separated when he was young, so he was raised by his grandparents. His grandfather was the sound guy for his local church, so they’d put on little family concerts on their front lawn. And yet, while he loves music, he ended up working in the oil industry, which prevented him from working on his music. So his boss gave him an ultimatum — either commit to his job or quit and pursue music. He chose the latter option, formed a band, and came here. I respect the hell out of his work ethic and dedication, as Justin admits he gave up financial stability for his dream.

-Justin sings “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey” by Cole Swindell, and for me, it’s the best country audition of the season so far. Seriously, this is such a confident audition, and I’m so impressed with both his stage presence and his overall style, since he looks more like a swing crooner than a country singer. That versatility might aid any team he ends up on, as Adam hits his button ten seconds in, only for Blake to hit his towards the end, causing Adam to flip out.


-Blake notes that Justin has style, and Adam agrees, saying “Unlike you!” to Blake. However, Adam gives up once he hears Justin is from Oklahoma, telling him to just go to Blake and get it over with already. It’s a far funnier moment than I could ever do justice to right now. Christina thinks Adam still has a chance since Justin has shoes with laces (rather than cowboy boots) and also suspenders and a sleeve of tattoos (unlike Blake). Adam thinks Justin is more like himself than like Blake, as evidenced by Blake thinking Justin traded in his cowboy boots for wheat toast, when he actually said “wing toes.” But Blake says that when he hears a great country singer, he takes it to heart, because he knows it’s a relationship that will last after the show. Justin makes his pick…


-Justin celebrates backstage with his family while Adam laments how the location connection helps Blake way too much. I can’t help but agree there, although I don’t think Justin was going to pick anyone but Blake once he turned.

JACKIE LIPSON is up next!

-Jackie talks about the identity issues she’s had since she was a girl, saying that she often rejected who she was because she wasn’t happy with herself. But college helped her grow and discover her self-confidence, as she went on to lose 130 pounds and gain a whole new sense of self. She tried to make money with cover bands and solo shows, but it’s been hard going. So she’s here to try and make a music career finally happen, saying she has 90 seconds to prove to the little girl inside of her that it does get better. Aww, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone to turn a chair more than Jackie right now.

-Jackie performs “Exes and Ohs” by Elle King, and this might end up reading like hyperbole later, but I like this WAY more than the original. Jackie’s voice sounds great here, and I like the slowed down tempo. Unfortunately, no one turns for her. I am le sad now, even though I get it (her voice had breaks in the song, and her pitch was inconsistent). I REALLY hope she comes back.

-Blake notes the iffy pitch, and he apologizes for not pressing his button. Christina hopes Jackie comes back with a different song. Pharrell admits he was about to push, but says it got tricky in the third section. He was hoping for more control. Jackie thanks them for their comments, showing class on the way out. I really do hope she comes back. That’s not just a platitude.

DANIEL PASSINO is up next!

-Daniel talks about getting a Christina Aguilera CD as a kid, and singing the hell out of “Beautiful,” at which point his mother said he sounded just like Christina. Daniel retorts that he doesn’t, because he’s a boy. He then discusses learning opera in college, which helped expand his vocal range. He hopes to have guidance from people at the top of their respective genres, fighting back tears while talking about his passion for music. I’m rooting for him already.

-Daniel sings “Marvin Gaye” by Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth, and how it takes so long for the coaches to start turning for him is anyone’s guess, since this is straight-up FIRE from the first line. Seriously, I like him more than Charlie Puth right now. Christina turns about thirty seconds in, and it’s looking like she’s going to have Daniel all to herself. But Blake turns at the last minute just to get on my nerves (I mean, come on! ENOUGH with the arbitrary last-minute turns! You knew you were hitting your button, Blake!). But I really liked this audition. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Daniel’s last name is an anagram for Passion.


-Adam loves seeing the look on Christina’s face when Blake turned. Blake tells Daniel he’s a fan, and thinks they should “get it on” (just roll with it). He then talks about loving Daniel’s hometown, before making a joke about how Daniel might have studied opera, but he’s performed at “The Grand Ole Opera”. Pharrell admits he was going to push his button, but he just ran out of time. Christina wants Daniel on her team, but hardly gets a chance to get a word in edgewise. However, Daniel notes that Christina is one of his biggest idols and inspirations, so…


-I think Daniel made the right call here, although I think he might have surprised some people on Team Blake, since he doesn’t anyone like Daniel on his team.

OWEN DANOFF is up next!

-Carson Daly drives to meet with Owen, meeting him at a club called The Bitter End, where he performs — and where Bob Dylan also performed. Owen’s dad had a band in the 70s, and reveals that John Denver recorded many of his songs, including “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. Turns out, his dad went on to form Starland Vocal Band, and had a No. 1 hit with “Afternoon Delight”. Owen says his dad has always had a hands-off approach to his music career, allowing him to come to that decision on his own. He hopes the coaches here connect with the song and with what he wants to do in music. He had me the minute he started talking about his dad’s influence. I’m against nepotism and all that, but this dude deserves a chair turn out of respect for his dad, dammit.

-Owen sings “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” by Bob Dylan, and he reminds me a bit of a more vocally flexible Joshua Davis. Adam, Pharrell and Christina turn almost immediately, and I can’t blame them. This was such an endearing vocal. It was tender and heartfelt, and one of the best of the night, in my opinion. Blake turns his chair towards the end, making this the first four-chair turn of the night!


-Adam thinks watching Owen perform was even better than just hearing him, and he hopes he gets to work with Owen. Christina thinks music is music, no matter what genre, and that it speaks to the world. So she hopes SHE can work with Owen. Blake knows he’s a long shot, but pleads with Owen to just think about it. Pharrell asks about Owen’s background, and Owen admits the truth about his father, from the Grammy wins to the No. 1 with Starland Vocal Band. Pharrell thinks Owen’s mind might be made up, but takes it back when he thinks he sees uncertainty in Owen’s eyes. He asks who Owen chooses, and the singer makes his pick…


-So maybe he’s more like Joshua Davis than I thought with that team choice, although Blake compares him to Sawyer Fredericks afterwards. Owen explains that he picked Adam because they come from similar backgrounds in terms of the music they both enjoy. Adam meets Owen’s dad backstage and learns they both share a Best New Artist Grammy, which is news to me. That’s awesome though.

MAYA SMITH is up next!

-Maya works for the Postal Service (the actual service, not the band), but her mother feels that isn’t her true calling. She feels music is what her daughter is meant to do. Maya recalls that it all started after performing karaoke at the urging of her friends. She can’t believe she’s here, but she’s aiming for Team Pharrell all the same.

-Maya sings “Do Right Woman” by Aretha Franklin, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard this song before. I absolutely love it, and Maya’s interpretation is wonderfully soulful. Am I being too easy on everyone tonight? Because I’m just loving everyone right now. Seriously. Pharrell hits his button pretty early, while Christina pushes her button at the last minute, turning this into a real competition.


-Christina thinks she hears some Beyonce in there, and then implies she appreciates a great singer more than anyone else. Pharrell takes offense to this, since he just worked with Christina in the studio. Christina backtracks on her statement, and turns her attention back to Maya. Pharrell notes how much barbed wire Christina added with her comments just now, but he thinks he can work with Maya, stating that while there were some nerves, he really thinks she’s got something. It’s up to Maya though…


-Pharrell embraces Maya onstage, as he lets her know her voice is crazy. I like Maya, and Pharrell expresses how excited he is to see what songs she chooses next, implying that he’ll have a very hands-off approach as her coach, when it comes to song choice.

NOLAN NEAL is up next!

-His parents were musicians, and he used to help them set up backstage. As he pursued music, he ended up getting a record deal from Virgin Records. Unfortunately, Nolan’s dad called one day and said he had just gotten arrested for drugs, at which point Nolan said he could help his father with the record deal. But Nolan’s dad said, “You’re always talking about getting a record deal, and you could never keep one.” In a rage, Nolan hung up, and ignored every call his dad tried to send afterwards. And it’s a decision he’ll always regret, since his father ended up killing himself. Nolan breaks down, and then goes into detail about the downward spiral that cost him his record deal. He’s hoping to go far here, and I can’t help but root for him.

-Nolan sings “Drive” by Incubus, and I really dig his voice. However, this song doesn’t really give him much to work with, in the grand scheme of things. He definitely sounds good, but I wish he’d picked something else, something more versatile. Even “Stellar” by Incubus would have been a better song. Sadly, none of the coaches turn.

-Adam thought his rasp came in, but can’t help but feel he picked the wrong song. He asks which song Nolan loves singing the most, and he sings a little bit of “Love Is Your Name” by Steven Tyler, causing Adam to absolutely FLIP OUT at what he just passed on. Blake wonders why none of the other coaches turned, while Christina thinks he should definitely come back. After Nolan departs, Pharrell agrees with his fellow coaches — Nolan has an insane voice, but he sang the wrong song.

-Backstage, Christina catches Blake practicing in his trailer with his button, trying to learn how to press his button sooner than Christina. She takes his button, but he produces another one. This was a cute segment.


-Brittney has been in love with singing since she received her first Dixie Chicks CD. However, one of her great loves is cheerleading, as she went from being a cheerleader herself to a cheerleading coach. She’s also studying to be a teacher. She learned how much she loved performing in her first talent show in middle school, before praising her mother for allowing her to turn her mom’s house into her own studio. Backstage, her mother fights back tears when talking about how proud she is of Brittney, and if there’s ever been a more perfect audition for International Women’s Day, I’d like to see it. Brittney admits she’s auditioned for The Voice seven times, and this is the first time she’s gotten to perform in front of the coaches, so she doesn’t want to miss her shot. Come on, Brittney!

-Brittney sings “Warrior” by Demi Lovato. Her voice straddles the border between country and pop, so I’m not sure who she’d be as an artist, but her voice is really strong, so I think she deserves a shot. Sure enough, Christina takes a shot on Brittney and hits her button. As the song continues, the other coaches start contemplating whether or not they should hit their buttons. Blake, in particular, seems eternally on the cusp on slamming down his button. In classic Blake fashion, he holds out until the VERY last minute to hit his button. I guess that comedy skit in Blake’s trailer was setup on how the quickness of a button press doesn’t really matter.

-Blake cheers when he learns Brittney is from Jacksonville, FL. Adam, meanwhile, calls Blake out on constantly waiting until the last minute to press his button. Brittney admits she’s auditioned seven times, and the coaches congratulate her on making it here. Adam feels there were a couple of pitch issues, but feels her voice has tons of character. Pharrell loves the power and tone of her voice, but didn’t get much of a sense of vibrato from her. That said, he thinks if she adds that to her repertoire, she’ll be a total monster up there. Blake doesn’t feel she needs vibrato, and Christina agrees. Adam asks for an example of vibrato, and Christina sings some of “I Will Always Love You,” which doesn’t really answer the question, although it sounds amazing, because Christina is amazing, naturally. Blake would love to have Brittney on Team Blake, but Christina is desperate to have her as well. Brittney makes her choice…


-Blake is overjoyed to have Brittney, and says he waited until the last minute to push his button because he wanted to hear everything Brittney was capable of doing. That’s…actually a really good explanation.


Blake picks up country singer TERESA GUIDRY (“Girl Crush” by Lady Antebellum), while Christina gets a country singer of her own in the form of CHELSEA GANN (“Wild Angels” by Martina McBride). Adam, meanwhile, picks up 16-year-old LILY GREEN (“Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac). I hope we hear more from them in the battles, since I actually liked all the song choices here.

MATT TEDDER is up next!

-Matt got into music when he and his sister played a game of hide-and-seek as children, and he hid under his parents’ bed and discovered an electric guitar. He went on to pursue music, even meeting B.B. King! He formed a band and his love of music took off from there, deciding to make music his full-time gig in Nashville after graduating high school. He teaches lessons and plays gigs to make ends meet, and admits he has no fallback if this doesn’t work out. So he’s pinning all his hopes on The Voice right now.

-Matt sings “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” by Muddy Waters, and it’s got that classic blues hook that just sounds badass on an electric guitar like Matt is using right now. Adam hits his button, but misses because he presses it so casually, which might just be the funniest thing I’ve seen tonight. But he hits it again, for real this time. Strangely enough, no other coaches turn. Granted, the only one I expected was Blake, but I’m really surprised that Blake didn’t go for this.


-Adam praises Matt on being a tremendous slide guitar player, and asks him to show the coaches some more of what he’s got. It’s a badass exhibition that Matt displays, earning cheers from the crowd and a standing O from Pharrell. Pharrell asks if that’s the kind of music he’ll want to do going forward, and Matt eloquently explains that blues is the root of all music. Pharrell is happy to have someone like Matt on the show — and honestly, so am I.


-Backstage, Matt celebrates with his family while Adam praises what a tremendous asset Matt is to his team. I agree wholeheartedly. Matt could be a dark horse in this competition.

JOE MAYE closes the show!

-Joe is back after getting rejected in Season 9! And this time, he’s brought his Season 9 pals, Mark Hood and Ellie Lawrence, along with him for moral support! He’s a bit nervous because Christina is there this time, and she’s a powerhouse vocalist. But he feels he’s grown a lot since the last time he was on the show, so he’s going to give it all he’s got. That’s the attitude!

-Joe sings a smoky, sexy version of “I Put a Spell On You” that sounds like something The Weeknd would do. And Christina is the very first to turn! This is a terrific vocal, and one of the very best of the night, if not THE best (although I’d have to look back on the night). Blake hits his button towards the end, prompting Christina to flip out. At the end of the performance, Joe has the most adorable victory celebration of all-time. How could I not love this guy with a reaction like that?


-Christina wants Joe to recognize that she heard his talent first. Pharrell instantly recognizes Joe and recalls they were confused by his rendition of “Word Up”. Both he and Adam praise Joe for picking the right song this time. Blake says he would have pushed last season, but his team was full. Christina accuses him of lying, and then rips on him for always pushing his button at the last minute. Blake thinks there isn’t anything wrong with listening to a whole performance, and feels Joe should pick a coach with experience winning this show. BURN! However, when Christina notes that this is one of her favorite songs, the coaches convince her to do a duet with Joe onstage. Joe looks like he’s about to explode with joy as Christina takes the stage. What follows is freaking MAGIC! Seriously, this is like the finale right now. Even Blake has to stand up and applaud this. To Joe’s credit, he looks like a total star up there. After the performance, he immediately picks Christina, because of course.


-Joe can hardly believe he just got to sing a duet with Christina. For his part, Blake is really happy for Joe, saying they couldn’t have rehearsed that for a month and had it go any better than it did on the first try. That WAS incredible, to be fair. Christina boasts in front of Blake: “Trying to make me look like an idiot because I haven’t won yet! But I just won that one, didn’t I?” GET IT, CHRISTINA!

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-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of tonight’s show? Sound off in the comments!

Until next week, thanks for reading and hanging out!


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