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The Voice 2016 Finalist Laith Al-Saadi ‘Never Wanted To Win’

The Voice 2016 finalist Laith Al-Saadi finished in fourth place for Team Adam Levine — and apparently, that’s more than fine with him.

In an interview with, Laith admitted that he was only really looking for a platform for wider exposure, such as the kind he got when coach Pharrell Williams plugged his previously released albums — a plug that resulted in those albums topping the iTunes rock chart and blues chart, respectively.

“This is probably not going to be popular to say, but I actually never wanted to win,” Laith declared. “That was my scariest thing even about going into the situation is what that was, to possibly give up. And the thing is, it’s probably foolish of me because that is a wonderful record company, they’re huge, they have immense power compared to what I could do independently or with a small label.”

Laith would go on to state that the terms of the winner’s contract wasn’t worth the freedom he’d be giving up. ““It’s a 360 deal. It means they represent you in every facet of your life. They really do kind of own you. They own your intellectual property, they own your merchandising, they own the rights to you, and to obviously making records with you and your touring and all that stuff.”

The Voice 2016 Finalist Laith Al-Saadi 'Never Wanted To Win'

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Good on Laith for sticking up for his own artistic career path. I feel like people are too often vilified if they enter a reality competition and don’t have the hunger to win at all costs. For some people, it really is enough to just get the exposure. And hey, that’s alright! If anything has been proven from shows like this, it’s that you really don’t need to win to have a successful career. Granted, The Voice has yet to produce the sort of world-spanning pop superstar that shows like The X Factor and American Idol have, but the show has had its fair share of successes, such as Cassadee Pope, Melanie Martinez and Jordan Smith. There’s no reason that Laith Al-Saadi shouldn’t be successful in his genre. He’s an ideal blues artist for the modern era, and I think he could be someone whose career will be worth following.

But what do you think of the comments made by Laith Al-Saadi? Sound off in the comments!

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