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The Voice 2016 Final iTunes Charts: Sundance Head Is #1 AND #2!

The Voice 2016 comes to an end tonight, as the winner for Season 11 will be crowned. However, while the chart rankings are pretty close for the top two, it looks as though one person clearly has the edge: former American Idol contestant and Team Blake singer Sundance Head is not only #1, he’s #2 as well!

Sundance topped the charts with his winner’s single, the original song “Darlin’ Don’t Go”. Right behind the coronation single is Sundance’s show-stopping take on the Etta James classic “At Last”, which makes Sundance the clear frontrunner for the win, considering it isn’t every season that an artist holds the top two spots on the iTunes overall singles charts on finale night. Furthering Sundance’s commanding lead is the fact that his duet with coach Blake Shelton, a rendition of “Treat Her Right” by Sundance’s father, Roy Head, charted at #7. That’s ALL THREE of Sundance’s performances landing in the Top 10! That’s pretty crazy, especially at a time as pivotal as this. I mean, the dude knocked Taylor Swift out of the top spot on iTunes, and has TEN singles in the Top 100! Sundance is peaking at just the right moment to transition this into a win.

With that said, plenty of artists have been ahead on iTunes on finale night and still lost. Hell, Adam Wakefield came in second last season despite leading eventual winner Alisan Porter on iTunes, so it’s not exactly over yet. Case in point, while Sundance held the top two spots, Team Adam’s Billy Gilman was hot on his heels.

Billy landed at #3 with his original winner’s single, “Because of Me”, and at #4 with his impressive rendition of the Frank Sinatra classic, “My Way”. While Billy’s duet with coach Adam Levine missed out on the Top 10, their performance of The Everly Brothers’ “Bye Bye Love” managed to round out the Top 20. That may not earn him any vote multipliers, but it indicates a strong base of support for the former child star, who is still the odds on favorite to win, according to oddsmakers. This is because it’s assumed much of Billy’s support is coming through traditional voting means, rather than through iTunes. In a way, it makes sense: Sundance tends to have better song choices than Billy, so it’s not surprising more people would want a copy of his songs. But that doesn’t mean more people actually want Sundance to win. Billy also tends to have more YouTube views, which would seem to indicate a wider base of support. Ultimately, however this turns out, I expect the vote will be super close.

Meanwhile, Team Adam’s Josh Gallagher managed to earn a spot in the Top 10, coming at #6 with his original winner’s single, “Pick Any Small Town”. However, his take on John Mellencamp’s “Jack and Diane” just missed out on a Top 10 spot, coming in at #11. Josh also has the unfortunate distinction of having the lowest-charting coach duet, as his and Adam’s rendition of “Smooth” by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas charted at #30. This just about lines up with expectations that Josh will be this season’s fourth-place finisher.

As for Team Alicia, We McDonald earned herself a spot in the Top 10 with her winner’s single, “Wishes”, which comes in at #9. Her performance of “Don’t Rain On My Parade” wasn’t far behind either, landing at #12. And her duet with coach Alicia Keys had the second-best chart position of all the duets, as “Ave Maria” finished at #15. This would suggest that We might have stronger support than some are giving her credit for having. I would still expect her to finish in third place, but stranger things have happened.

But will the iTunes rankings accurately reflect the winner results? Or are we in for a surprise? Check out the full rankings below:

The Voice 2016 Final iTunes Charts: Sundance Head Is #1 AND #2!


The Voice iTunes Top 100 Singles Chart: 12/13/2016

1. Sundance Head, “Darlin’ Don’t Go”
2. Sundance Head, “At Last”
3. Billy Gilman, “Because of Me”
4. Billy Gilman, “My Way”
6. Josh Gallagher, “Pick Any Small Town”
7. Sundance Head and Blake Shelton, “Treat Her Right”
9. We McDonald, “Wishes”
11. Josh Gallagher, “Jack and Diane”
12. We McDonald, “Don’t Rain On My Parade”
15. We McDonald and Alicia Keys, “Ave Maria”
20. Billy Gilman and Adam Levine, “Bye Bye Love”
22. Sundance Head, “Me and Jesus”
30. Josh Gallagher and Adam Levine, “Smooth”
41. Billy Gilman, “I Surrender”
52. Sundance Head, “Love Can Build A Bridge”
65. Josh Gallagher, “Danny’s Song”
79. Sundance Head, “My Church”
80. Sundance Head, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”
81. Sundance Head, “No One”
87. Sundance Head, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”
88. Sundance Head, “The Climb”
92. We McDonald, “Take Me To Church”

What do you think of the rankings? Who do you think will win The Voice 2016? Sound off in the comments!

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