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The Voice 2015 Results: Winner Revealed In Live Finale (VIDEO)

Tonight is the night! The winner of The Voice 2015 will be crowned tonight! It’s come down to Team Blake’s Meghan Linsey, Team Adam’s Joshua Davis and Team Pharrell’s twosome of Koryn Hawthorne and Sawyer Fredericks!

Last night’s Top 4 performance show was a fairly solid night overall, with each contestant debuting their respective winner’s singles with music videos to match! But opinions are divided on just how close the race is, at this point.

Who will win The Voice Season 8? readers predict that Sawyer Fredericks will be the eighth winner of The Voice, with an overwhelming 56.66% of the vote. And, if the actual vote totals reflect the poll numbers, it won’t even be close. His nearest competitor, Meghan Linsey, polled just 27.35% of the vote. It makes sense that Sawyer is on the fast-track to a confetti shower, as his two solo singles from last night charted at #2 and #3, respectively, on iTunes. In fact, his ENTIRE catalogue of 14 songs landed in the Top 200. In short, it’s been an incredible run for Sawyer Fredericks, to such an extent that it’d be downright stunning if he didn’t win this entire show in a landslide.

But before we crown a winner, we’ve got a jam-packed finale as coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams perform, in addition to all Top 20 finalists from Season 8. And, of course, we’ll get some superstar guests, such as Ed Sheeran, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Maroon 5, Meghan Trainor, John Fogerty and Sheryl Crow, just to name a few!

Keep it locked right here as I’ll be updating with commentary, analysis, and videos of tonight’s performances!

The Voice 8 - Live Blog and Recap - Live Finale

Credit: NBC

Let’s get this show on the road!


-We instantly kick things off with a medley of Fun songs from the Top 20 contestants. And yeah, these songs suit some contestants better than others. Joshua Davis is just okay on “Carry On”, Rob Taylor is an absolute mess on “Some Nights”, and Mia Z just does that Mariah Carey/Ariana Grande falsetto thing the whole time, the appeal for which I’ve simply never understood. But hey, tons of balloons everywhere!

-Back from break with Carson interviewing the coaches, noting that Joshua is the sixth time he’s had a contestant to make the finale. Adam praises Joshua, and both Pharrell and Blake do the same for their contestants. Meanwhile, Christina remains diplomatic when asked who she thought stood out last night, saying all the talent deserves to be here.


-Joshua talks about why he picked each of the finalists he did to perform with him, saying Deanna is like his sister, Brian is one of the best voices he’s ever heard, Corey can control a song like nobody else, and Kimberly’s “House of the Rising Sun” was one of the best moments of the season. They’ll be singing “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes because he feels it’s a beautiful ballad with a rock edge to it.

-The performance itself is pretty good, and one of the better group performances of the season. Granted, that’s not a particularly high bar to clear, considering how abysmal some of the group performances have been this year. But everybody got a moment to shine, with Kimberly standing out most of all (although his voice on this song almost makes me wish Brian Johnson had lasted a little longer). In fact, it was to the point where Joshua was hardly the focus at all. I found it kind of refreshing that everybody had their chance to bask in the spotlight. It’s one thing I like about The Voice finales over other shows.

-Back from break with a shockingly amazing segment, in which we get “Season 1 Coach Auditions” for The Voice, as Christina Aguilera dresses up as a variety of celebrities who are all here to audition to be a coach on The Voice’s first season. Her Britney Spears impression is AMAZING and everything I didn’t know I needed in life. Her Cher is also outstanding (“Adam Levine? Is that my accountant?” “I have an Oscar, for crying out loud!”). I also found tireless amusement from her Sia impression, using “Maddie Ziegler” to translate everything. I’m absolutely STUNNED at how good this was.


-Meghan sings “Dear Future Husband” with a ukulele and a guitarist beside her, and honestly, this version is FAR more charming than the original. I don’t particularly care for the single, although I don’t dislike it either, but this performance is just plain terrific. She also sounds great as well, to such an extent that I’m kind of surprised it took her as long as it did to put out an album. I was genuinely impressed, and would totally purchase this version.

-As we head to break, we get a clip of Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman on The Voice stage for Red Nose Day, with Will saying he’s the original “Pharrell”. I see what you did there!

-Back from break, and we get a video package on Adam. We see some photoshops of sports Adam is good at, and other small digs at Mr. Levine, whose “Levine 222” jersey is retired in a moment that’s far more amusing than it probably has any right to be.


-Koryn sings “I’d Rather Go Blind” with Kelly Clarkson, and yeah, it’s going to be really hard for any of tonight’s duets to top this. There’s not a single false note in anything Koryn does here, and Kelly is positively impeccable. Seriously, I would listen to her do an entire Etta James cover album. This was just sensational, from front to back. And the icing on the cake? Kelly hugging Koryn and declaring, “This girl can SING, ya’ll!” after the performance. Loved it.

WATCH AND DISCUSS: Kelly Clarkson and Koryn Hawthorne Sing ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ on The Voice 2015 Finale (VIDEO)


-Meghan is only bringing back one person? Did she make no other friends while on the show? Either way, this was a fun performance, so I can’t really complain. These two seem like sisters up there, and it results in a natural, rocking duet that has me wondering why they don’t just form a new country-rock duo. I thoroughly enjoyed this, which is about the most I can say about it.


-Maroon 5 is here to perform their AWESOME new single, “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”. I heard this for the first time on the radio the other day, and INSTANTLY fell in love with it. It feels almost like an 80s pop/rock party single, but with a modern vibe. And the live version is just as good. Adam sounds fabilous, even with that megaphone attachment for the chorus. Maroon 5 has really hit its stride this past year in churning out awesome single after awesome single. I was never really a fan before the release of V. I liked some of their songs here and there, and I even bought Songs About Jane on a whim when it came out. But ever since V came out, these dudes have been on FIRE. And this performance mostly bears that out, in my opinion. I could see this being one of the big songs of the summer.

-We then get a lovely little video package, in which the final four and their coaches talk about what their experience on The Voice has meant to them. Joshua wasn’t sure he’d make it past the blinds, since he’s not mainstream. He wants to win in order to provide for his family. Adam says he doesn’t need to win The Voice, but he wants to for Joshua. Meghan never believed she’d get this second chance, and feels she’s already won, in a way. Blake says contestants like Meghan are why he does this show. Koryn sheds tears talking about how the show has changed her life, while Sawyer feels honored that people are getting to hear his music, noting that “Thank you” is not enough. Pharrell talks about how inspiring Sawyer and Koryn have been to him, and this has almost been enough to turn me around on the foregone nature of this finale’s conclusion, because this was genuinely touching.


-Sawyer and John Fogerty perform a medley of Creedence Clearwater Revival songs, and once again, the demon of poor audio engineering rears its ugly head again, as Sawyer is almost completely inaudible for 50-60% of the song. John Fogerty can still sing though, so that was damn near enough to get me to love this. But the fact that Sawyer seemed to just be this ancillary figure on the margins of the performance disappointed me. They work out the audio issues by the time they get to “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, but “Born On the Bayou” and “Bad Moon Rising” are a hot mess express of the mic cutting in and out. Can’t win’em all, I guess. But if there’s any consolation for Sawyer, it’s that he’s likely to be the eighth Voice winner in just under an hour.


-Joshua and Sheryl perform her song, “Give It To Me”, which is a totally perfect fit for Joshua’s voice. Of course, in much the same way John Fogerty drowned out Sawyer, Sheryl’s voice completely overpowers Joshua’s. Then again, I think no matter who they got to perform with Joshua, his voice was going to be overpowered, because he’s got that subtle, folk singer hush going on. Still, their voices do blend together well when they’re harmonizing. I dug this quite a bit.

-After the performance, we see what happened after last night’s show, as the final four answered questions from the audience, only for Blake to them surprise the finalists with one last question: “How do the four of you feel to be owners of brand new Nissans?” Sawyer can hardly believe it. He doesn’t even have his driver’s license yet! He says he’ll probably give it to his mom. Meghan picks the the Nissan Murano Platinum, while Koryn picks the Nissan Ultima. Didn’t catch which Nissans Sawyer and Joshua picked, but hot damn, were all four of them shiny. And apparently, none of these cars even go on sale to the public for another two weeks. I really hope their paycheck as finalists (assuming they get one) will be enough to cover the insane taxes they’re going to have to pay on the car.


-Luke Bryan is here with his new single, “Kick the Dust Up”, and much like “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”, I think this has the potential to be a big summer song. It’s a really cool ditty, the perfect track for partying on those long summer nights. I mean, it’s a little hard for a chill out song, but I think it’s still got an undercurrent of fun and “YEAH! LET’S PARTY!” enthusiasm to it that makes it infectious to listen to. And Bryan is a heck of a performer, so I thought this was a win overall.

-Back from break with Carson announcing the winner of the GIF of the Season: it’s Blake Shelton’s “What’s Going On?” bit where he waves his hands around like crazy for reasons I don’t remember. Blake is THRILLED to win, and then explains that he was a bit silly because it’s not coffee in his Starbucks cup. He once again reiterates he’s been getting drunk all season, in case Carson didn’t get the reference. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d love to hang out with Blake Shelton.


-Koryn really brings out the big guns for this one, noting that she chose these girls because of their amazing, big voices. In particular, she notes how close she and Mia Z became as teammates on Team Pharrell. They’ve gone to school together, they’re the same age, and she really admires Mia Z’s bluesy, rock-edged voice. She also loves “Mama Tonya”, as well as the other three girls, whom she feels deserve to be here.

-The performance is, unfortunately, an absolute mess. Unable to arrange the song in a slower, bluesier fashion, Mia Z struggles to keep up with the tempo, while Caitlin and India are a bit drowned out by the band. Lexi does well, but the only ones who really excel on the song are Tonya and Koryn. In fact, this may be my favorite Tonya Boyd-Cannon vocal. I will say, however, that the girls had EXCELLENT harmonies. Not my favorite group performance, but the girls gave it their all.

-We then see a skit in which Adam gets a coaching session from Pharrell and Reba McEntire. He performs “Ave Maria”, which is dubbed over with an opera voice. Reba sheds a tear, but says she doesn’t understand a word he’s saying. Adam notes it’s because the entire song is in Italian. Pharrell’s giddy, aloof mentoring his kind of hilarious (“That right there is why I do this.”), as is Adam’s angst over Reba not remembering him. But other than that, this skit was basically just filler.


-Ed sings his latest single, “Photograph”, which is just gorgeous, even in this live setting. I do worry that his voice is straining a bit to hit those falsetto notes in the chorus, but he mostly gets through them without incident. Of particular note is the music video being replayed on the screen in the background, depicting his childhood and his maturation into the musician he is today. I loved the video then, and I love it now, just as this song remains one of the more touching songs Ed Sheeran has released since “Small Bump”. It’s goosebump-inducing, and this performance is one of the highlights of the night, for me.


-YES! Kelly’s back! This time, she duets with Meghan Linsey, performing Kelly’s song, “Invincible”. This is actually a wonderful song for Meghan, as it features an epic chorus that allows her voice to match the bombast of the band without overpowering the entire song. Both women imbued this with so much soul and passion that I couldn’t help but love it. Coming out of the bridge, Kelly just delivers the most incredible note, slaying this like she’s in a Battle Round face-off to save her own life in the competition. I thought this was just excellent.

WATCH AND DISCUSS: Meghan Linsey and Kelly Clarkson sing ‘Invincible’ on The Voice 2015 Finale (VIDEO)

-In the Sprint Skybox, Carson talks to Pharrell and Mia Z. He recalls how he went straight into the studio with Mia Z after she was voted off, because he saw how it affected her, and he didn’t want her to leave. So they worked together and created a music video, which you can watch below. If nothing else, Pharrell writing for his contestants and going into the studio with them after the show tells me that a lot of contestants are going to want to be on Team Pharrell next season, provided he sticks around.


-Sawyer loved Lowell’s performance of “Hound Dog,” while noting he’s been great friends with Brooke and Mia Z, since they all went to school together during the show. He’s super excited to share the stage with them again, as they’ll be singing “Lie To Me” by Jonny Lang. This is probably the best of the group performances, as the song somehow manages to fit everyone’s voices really well. It’s also a quartet that’s overloaded on the cuteness factor, as these young’uns are all downright adorable, especially Brooke Adee, who looks like some sort of doll. Overall, I really dug this performance, and the staging reminds me a bit of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. For the record, that’s not a complaint.

-We get a behind-the-scenes “documentary” of the “dark side” Blake’s coaching called Whoop-Ass. It’s a pretty funny take on Whiplash. Hell, I loved that movie so much that I can’t really ever hate on any parodies of it. It certainly helps that Blake is fully committed to the bit. This was my favorite comedy bit of the night, and it even featured J.K. Simmons at the end! Loved it.


-The coaches take the stage for the last time this season, performing “The Thrill Is Gone” as a tribute to B.B. King. I’m glad Christina got to perform tonight, as I really thought she’d get a duet with one of her contestants, despite the fact that they weren’t a part of the finale. It’s not a particularly huge shock to say she outsang her fellow coaches, but overall, I thought this was a pretty decent performance for the coaches to go out on. And Christina absolutely SLAYED with that final note. GET IT, CHRISTINA!

-Seriously, Christina knocked that one out of the ballpark. I have absolutely no idea why I would ever be surprised, but sue me, I was shocked at what a great fit this song was for her voice. Just perfect. In fact, I’d totally listen to her do an entire album of blues songs, actually.


-All four contestants are onstage! It’s time to get down to business…



And now, for the winner results…

The winner of The Voice is…SAWYER FREDERICKS!



The Voice Winner Revealed 2015

-Everyone seems to want to rush the stage, but Pharrell hangs back so Sawyer can sing “Please”. That said, the shot of Sawyer hugging his parents while he keeps singing is an absolutely DARLING visual. However, could it have killed Sawyer’s dad to wear something nicer than a t-shirt and jeans? You knew your son was winning The Voice and that you were probably going to be on-camera. You don’t have a suit? Even farmers go to church!

I’m mostly just kidding around though. This is a wonderful winning moment, as the confetti rains down, and Sawyer fights back tears. I love his soulful shouting of the lyrics, “You wanna hear me SING!” since it’s like a declaration that, “You like me! You really like me!” (Okay, that’s not what Sally Field really said, but close enough, I guess)

Overall, this was no big shock whatsoever, but sometimes, the right result is the least surprising of all. Still, congratulations to the other finalists, each of whom should hold their heads high.

-And that’s a wrap! What did you think of the finale? Did the right singer win? How was the show overall? Sound off in the comments!

Thank you so much for joining us this season! We couldn’t have done this without you!


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