‘The Vampire Diaries’ Will Introduce Its First Same-Sex Couple in Season 7

It’s not only the Supreme Court that’s rolling with the changes: it’s The Vampire Diaries too, of all things.

Not that this is a complaint, of course. It’s being reported by TVLine that The CW show will introduce its first same-sex couple in its upcoming seventh season.

The trio of new characters will be introduced in Season 7 will feature two females who just so happen to be lovers. Newcomers Nora and Mary Louise are the same-sex couple in question, with Mary Louise being described as the dreamer of the two, while Nora is fierce and headstrong. In a parallel with the struggles some people are still facing in the gay community, Mary Louise and Nora have apparently been keeping their relationship a secret for close to a century. A freaking CENTURY!

'The Vampire Diaries' Will Introduce Its First Same-Sex Couple in Season 7

(After all, somebody’s gotta replace Elena)

This alone would make things complicated enough, but the third member of the trio appears to be a bit of a wild card to the situation. Valerie, the third new character coming to Mystic Falls, has a darker sense of humor due to trauma in her past. What’s her story? I suppose we’ll get to the bottom of it when The Vampire Diaries returns for Season 7 on Thursday, October 8, on The CW.

How do you think these new characters will factor into Season 7? What would you want to see them do? Sound off in the comments!

And for more on the Supreme Court’s historic decision, check our our report on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo officiating his first same-sex marriage ceremony!

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