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Rescued Baby Goat With Three Legs Finds Her Forever Home With Brother (VIDEO)

Meet Chibs and Lyla – two newborn baby goats with leg deformities that just got rescued from being goat meat. Lyla only has three legs!

The kids were unwanted in Kentucky and traveled all the way to Pittsburgh to the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary. They made it their forever home thanks to the help of volunteers Sara and Angie (pictured below).

Chibs and Lyla are doing well now at GOA and I am sure we will see a lot more of these two in the coming days. They are so beautiful!

If they were not “deformed” they would have been goat meat for sure in a couple of years.

This wouldn’t have happened without awareness of animal rescue farms like this. So please, help spread the word!

Lyla, my three-legged beauty, snoozing on the trip home. #drivingandgramming

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She gets herself around just fine ????

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Chibs and then Lyla, drinking their babas????????

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