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The Roots Reenact Corinne’s Nanny Confession From ‘The Bachelor’ (VIDEO)

On The Bachelor this week, Corrine admitted she had a nanny, in a scene so ridiculous it almost defies typical reality TV standards. So there are few better ways to recap such an absurd moment than to have The Roots reenact the scene on The Tonight Show.

Yes, Corrine cemented her status as the villain of this season by skipping the Rose Ceremony, and then scheming to steal some alone time with Nick after she failed to get her way on the group date. But the nanny confession was really the episode’s most significant moment, due to Corrine’s complete lack of awareness for how strange it is for a 24-year-old woman to have a nanny. A personal assistant? Sure. But a nanny? Fellow contestant Jasmine simply couldn’t believe the news, and it resulted in a delightfully absurd scene that Questlove and Tariq seem to have a blast reenacting. It’s hilarious stuff, and my favorite Bachelor recap of theirs yet. Watch the video below:

The Roots Reenact Corrine's Nanny Confession From 'The Bachelor' (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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