The Miz Cuts Promo of His Life Against Daniel Bryan on WWE Talking Smack (VIDEO)

WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz appeared on Talking Smack, the Smackdown Live aftershow, and cut the promo of his life against Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan.

Seriously, this is the best promo The Miz has ever cut, and it all started with a bit of blurred lines storytelling, as Bryan called out Miz for being a “coward” and wrestling like he doesn’t want to get hit. The Miz takes offense throughout, reminding Bryan that he beat Apollo Crews clean as a sheet at Summerslam, but Bryan escalated the exchange by stating that Miz is a representative of the bland, safe WWE style that he used to despise while he was wrestling on the indies. At this point, Miz completely flips his lid, stating that his style is the reason he’s still here, unlike Bryan, who had to retire earlier this year due to accumulated injuries from a career of going full throttle. Just talking about this promo doesn’t really do it justice though. Watch the video below:

The Miz Cuts Promo of His Life Against Daniel Bryan on WWE Talking Smack (VIDEO)

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I’m not even sure what to believe here. Both Renee Young and Maryse looked uncomfortable as hell throughout, and Bryan looked as if he was moments away from tears by the end of the segment. Reportedly, being unable to wrestle is still a very sore spot for Bryan, so it’s not that surprising to hear he’s still be a bit raw, emotionally. I have no doubt that this was what was supposed to happen, although I do think it might have gotten more heated than either man intended. This basically went from 0 to 100 in moments, and I think it’s because both men hit sore spots for one another. Bryan ragged on Miz in such a way that he probably felt, after ten years of winning titles and working day in and day out, he was still seen as that rookie from The Real World. So Miz hit back by noting that he might not be the better worker, but he’s been the smarter one. And, in a way, he’s right. Miz doesn’t really get injured, and while his style isn’t the most exciting, his matches still get heat.

Granted, you could argue Bryan might never have gotten a shot in WWE without his intense style, but I think it was wrong to call Miz out for working safe. Of course, that’s if this was a work that really became a shoot. For all I know, we’re probably being worked right now. But to what end? It’s not like this feud can pay off in the ring. Ah well, I’m just happy we got some awesome TV out of this, even if it was just one segment. This really showed just how good Miz is on the mic, and just the kind of passion he can put into a promo. And what’s great about a segment like this is that you can support either guy. You can feel sympathy for Bryan and agree with him about Miz not being all that exciting, but you can also agree with Miz about how unfair and hypocritical that criticism is, and support his demand for respect after ten years. I absolutely loved this.

But what do you think of The Miz’s promo on Daniel Bryan? Work or shoot? Sound off in the comments!

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