Internet’s New Antoine Dodson won Ticket to Vegas on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (VIDEO)

The Internet has found its new Antoine Dodson! Unibrow and Burger King loving Courtney Barnes has gone viral this week after his eyewitness account of a JPD wreck was aired by a local NBC news station.

It’s like a tornado!

Courtney has achieved an ultra-rare media exposure double, as not only has he appeared on the news as a witness, he was also a featured contestant on the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance just last week. He won a ticket to Vegas joining Team Street.

Now for the sake of ratings, I hope Nigel Lythgoe did not cut Courtney from the show! Courtney is now the biggest star of the season!

The Internet's New Antoine Dodson won a Ticket to Vegas on So You Think You Can Dance (VIDEO)

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