‘The Fosters’: Connor Makes a Move on Jude in Preview for ‘Now Hear This’ (VIDEO)

The Fosters is getting more heated as we get deeper into Season 2, and while last night’s episode may have been one of the best of the season yet, next week’s episode is looking to be even better.

The preview for “Now Hear This” escalates the drama, as Callie is put on blast by Mariana for her decision to go live with Robert, as Callie has to defend her decision by declaring that this isn’t exactly easy on her either. Meanwhile, things are no longer subtle between Jude and Connor, as we learn just what happened in their tent on that camping trip months ago. And it’s looking like it might be happening again, as Connor apparently makes a move on Jude! Could Jude be getting kissed next week? Will the Fosters recover from Callie’s decision to live with Robert?

Check out the preview video for “Now Hear This” below:

'The Fosters' Connor Makes a Move on Jude in Preview for 'Now Hear This' (VIDEO)

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