‘The Flash’ could add Kid Flash in Season 2, says producer

The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti told the panel at Paleyfest on Saturday that they hope to bring either Wally West or Bart Allen into the show for Season 2.

In the comics, Wally West and Bart Allen both donned the costume of Kid Flash, The Flash’s sidekick. Wally is the nephew of Iris West and Bart is the grandson of Barry Allen from the future.

“That’s our hope. We’ve already been picked up for a second year. If we were going to do something like that [add more speedsters], we’d do it next year,” said Berlanti.

OMG. I am so excited.

But this is going to weird with the Teen Titans TV series being developed at TNT. Kid Flash is part of that team in the comics, so if he appears in The Flash on The CW, he may not be included in Teen Titans.

Via THR and EW

'The Flash' could add Kid Flash in Season 2, says producer

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