‘The Big Lebowski’ Star David Huddleston Dead at 85

David Huddleston — best known for his titular role in The Big Lebowski has passed away at the age of 85.

According to Sarah Koeppe, Huddleston’s wife of 32 years, he died of advanced heart and kidney disease on Tuesday (Aug. 2).

In addition to his most memorable role, Huddleston had six decades of character acting under his belt.

David Huddleston Dead at 85

Credit: Gramercy Pictures

The actor’s other appearances include movie roles in Santa Claus: The Movie, Blazing Saddles and The Producers and television appearances on The Wonder Years, The West Wing and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

According to his wife, despite his numerous characters, Huddleston was most recognized for his role in the Coen brothers film.

Recalled Koeppe of an incident in Kusadasi, Turkey, “They recognized him as the Big Lebowski even though they couldn’t speak any English. They asked us to stay and told us, ‘we will cook for you.'”

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