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‘The Bachelorette’ Star James Taylor Shades Castmate Chad Johnson

JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette featured some pretty colorful personalities, among them singer/songwriter James Taylor (no, not that James Taylor). Of course, James isn’t just a charmer, he’s pretty outspoken about a lot of subjects, whether it’s his music, his friendships, or even his negative experiences with castmates on The Bachelorette. In particular, James doesn’t exactly have kind words for fellow castmate Chad Johnson.

In an interview with Go Columbia, James made it clear that Chad is every bit as bad as he was depicted as being on television. In addition, he talks about his debut album, whether playing guitar really works with the ladies, and which members of the cast he remains in touch with today. It’s a pretty interesting interview, and you can read the whole thing by clicking here, but we’re highlighting the segment on Chad, since it features a pretty interesting tidbit about the former Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise star that the cameras didn’t catch.

'The Bachelorette' Star James Taylor Shades Castmate Chad Johnson

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Q: Was Chad Johnson really as bad as the show made him out to be?

A: Yeah. Chad is one of the guys I do not keep in touch with. He really is like that in real life. And the thing is, they showed him so much. There were so many guys with great personalities on the show that didn’t get a chance to shine because they kept showing Chad eating meat.

And – you can write this – he would eat ice for 20 minutes every night to strengthen his jaw. I woke up one night to this crunching sound and Chad was just sitting on his bed in the dark eating ice.

Honestly, I don’t know what it says about Chad that I don’t find this the least bit surprising. But I guess that jaw line and chiseled physique had to come from somewhere. He has a peculiar kind of discipline (considering his dedication to maintaining his daily meat intake at all costs), but it doesn’t really explain his historically terrible behavior. I’m struggling to think of anyone in the history of the Bachelor Nation who was ever as scary or belligerent. So it’s not shocking to hear that some of the guys don’t really keep in touch with him.

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